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M’sians Share 6 Struggles of Living with Sports Fans ESPECIALLY During Sporting Seasons


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Source: Fadi Joseph & WOB

Sports watching culture is so widespread in Malaysia, that all of us have at least one friend or family member who is crazy about some sports team or athlete. Have you ever visualized living with the sports maniacs from your social circle? 

Malaysians who live with sports fans have shared six struggles that they encountered during a sporting season. Let us tell you what it’s like!

1. Waking up at 3am from the sudden burst of loud cheers 

Imagine dreaming about your crush who is asking you out. Your lips part, wanting to say “yes!” and suddenly… “GOOOAL!! WOOHOO!” Your housemates cheer deafeningly outside the bedroom door. What’s worse? You pick up your phone, realizing two things: it’s 3am and now you can’t sleep. 

Sleep 1


2. Returning home to a houseful of sports deco and merch 


You have finally reached your house after a long day of work. Pushing the door open, you notice the brightest shade of red hanging on the wall and merch all over the living room. Jerseys are dangling at the windows, and some giant, rectangular team flags are even blanketing the couch! 

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3. Thanks to MCO, they bring the mamak home

Mamak food is a must for Malaysian sports fans, especially when the live games happen past midnight. Since they aren’t allowed to watch tournaments at the mamak during MCO, they let abang delivery send in their favourite mamak drinks and dishes. Exhausted to do any cleaning, they are likely to go to bed right after the match, and you’ll wake up to oily plastic bowls on the couch, and empty drink cans on the floor. 

Messy Living Room


4. Suddenly, everyone becomes a sports expert #macamyes

Having zero experience in a particular sport does NOT stop hardcore fans from being the know-it-all. They won’t stop pointing out all the mistakes made by the athletes and teams #macamyes, padahal they themselves have never even played the sport. Speaking of which, have you noticed the sudden rise in Malaysians who are “so knowledgeable” about Formula 1?



5. Dealing with kiasu sore winners is the worst

Match results are a big deal for sports fans, and that’s completely okay! But when some sports fans are sore winners, they would rub it in your face when their favourite team or player beats yours. However, when their team does lose, they start to come up with TONS of reasons explaining why it wasn’t their team’s fault. 



6. Bidding goodbye to your favourite TV shows 

If you live with sports fans, be ready to sacrifice some of your favourite TV shows, because the sports maniacs can’t afford to miss a single second of the live match! Say goodbye to the large and high-definition TV screen, while you resort to that small laptop screen that turns patchy or laggy when the internet is slow. 

Fatigue 1

However, if YOU are the sports maniac we have been talking about, lucky you because we have exciting news! All you non-sports fans might want to shut your eyes…

Because Astro is releasing not one, but three new sports channels this 1st October 2021, at NO extra cost!

Yes, you read that right! Upon their release, Astro SuperSport 5, Astro Arena 2, and SPOTV will begin airing a wide range of live sports, sports news, and live studio presentations. Instead of complaining about the sports-loving housemates or family members, Astro invites you to join the fun!  


29 Sept Asr1305134 Sports Channel Launch Wo F1 01

On Astro SuperSport 5, Astro Sports Pack customers can retain their easy access to various international sporting events, such as:

  • Formula 1
  • WTA
  • UFC
  • ATP
  • Bundesliga


Spotv 1

On SPOTV, viewers can also find leading global sports tournaments too, like:

  • the US Open
  • MotoGP
  • Wimbledon


Astro Arena 2

What’s more? All Astro customers can enjoy Astro Arena 2, a brand new sports channel that comes under the Family Pack! How awesome is that?! Now you can keep yourself updated with the latest sports news and expect the airing of various international sports as well as live studio presentations for BWF, WWE, and more! 

Sports Channels

From 1st October 2021 onwards, you can find Astro SuperSport 5, Astro Arena 2, and SPOTV on CH815, CH802, and CH816 respectively at no additional cost. And don’t forget, Astro Sports Pack customers can stream all 11 sports channels using the Astro GO app too!

Be sure to follow Astro’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates! For more information regarding the 3 new sports channels, visit the Astro website here

What’s your favourite live sport to watch on TV? Share with us in the comments below!

Source: Daily Mail
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Source: HelpGuide

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