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Adventurous Malaysians Can ‘Race’ Around Europe for FREE, But Here’s the Twist



Adventurous Malaysians Can 'Race' Around Europe for FREE, But Here's the Twist - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Red Bull

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Always wanted to travel around Europe? Well, here’s one way to do it!

If you think you’re an adventurous traveller, then you definitely NEED to know about this race. Just recently, Red Bull announced their ‘Can You Make It’ race competition that gives you the chance to travel around Europe. Similar to their 2016 race, they organised another one for 2018!

Source: Red Bull

The race requires over 100 teams of three to travel around Europe and complete challenges at each checkpoint before moving forward. Are you eager to join now? Well, here are some important things you need to do in order to be eligible for the race;

Adventurous Malaysians Can 'Race' Around Europe for FREE, But Here's the Twist - WORLD OF BUZZ

Here are some of the conditions (see if you fit!):

  1. You guys will have to belong to a University
  2. Must be above the age of 18 years old
  3. Must not have participated in Redbull’s previous race

You only have time until 14 February 2018 (yep, you have until Valentine’s Day to sign up).

After signing up, you have to create a 60-second video and upload it to YouTube. So, get creative and make sure your video stands out! Check out this entry from 2016;

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/88770825″ /]

Source: Vimeo

Here’s a tip: Share what makes you smart, travel-ready, and prepared for an epic ride. 

Keep in mind though, the video’s deadline is also on 14 February 2018. Don’t say we didn’t let ya know! After making the video, get your friends, schoolmates, uni-mates, teachers, lecturers, the guy you haven’t spoken to in years etc. to vote for your video. The more, the better! Finally, if your video makes the cut through their panel of judges, then your team is officially in the race.

However, this isn’t all; there’s a twist to this game.

If you think this is a normal scavenger hunt-like game then you’re definitely in for a surprise! In this adventure, Red Bull cans are used as the currency. Yep, you read that right!

With that being said, money, debit/credit cards, phones and electronic gadgets are considered ‘Prohibited Items’ in the competition, hence it will be sealed away in tamper-proof envelopes and containers. Instead, each team will be given a ‘Welcome’ pack containing a mobile phone, map, business cards, safety instructions, and a backpack along with the cans before you begin the adventure.

So, how does this “cans as currency” thing work, you ask? Pretty straightforward, tbh. Remember the barter system from Sejarah? 

Well, just like the system, the contestants will have to wisely trade the 24 cans of Red Bull for transportation, food, and other experiences that will make the journey even more epic. Interesting!

Each team will begin the race at a different start point – Madrid, Budapest, Manchester, Stockholm, and Rome. All teams will leave their designated start point on 10 April 2018 at 12 noon and will have A WEEK to reach the finish line in one of the major European City by 17 April 2018 (3 o’clock in the afternoon). No joke, you’ve got to be ready to hustle!

Note: There are at least six checkpoints altogether, so each group has to complete every one of it before reaching the final stop.

Source: Red Bull

At each checkpoint, you will experience games that will challenge you mentally and physically but you only have one shot at these challenges – so, you’d have to give it all you’ve got!

Not only that, you will also get to earn some additional points by attempting to complete an adventure list. To know how, you can read more here.

Note: Be careful to not break the Code Of Honour because you can be disqualified. 

Thus, in this competition, you must be smart, brave, and quick enough to get as many scores you need to win the game! If you really think you can handle the challenge and want to join, well, good luck to you!


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