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M’sian Woman Almost Gets Robbed in Jalan Ipoh After Looking at Phone While Crossing Road



[VIDEO] M'sian Woman Mindlessly Crossed Road While Looking at Phone, Snatch - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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It is a common sight to see Malaysians looking at their phones while walking on the street even though they know that this causes them to be unaware of their surroundings, which as a result, could put them in very dangerous situations. Individuals can easily get robbed, knocked over, or even kidnapped when they have their eyes fixed on their phone instead of looking at where they’re going.

In a video posted on Facebook page Tamizhar Media TV, a Malaysian woman is seen crossing a street after getting down from the car with her partner. As she mindlessly crosses the road, the CCTV footage shows her looking down at her phone while walking over to the opposite side to wait for her partner.

Source: Facebook

The partner is seen holding a bouquet of flowers as he slowly makes his way to the woman, but before he can get to her, a motorbike approaches the woman from behind.

The motorcyclist then attempts to snatch the woman’s phone from her hand, but the woman resists, resulting in a two-second struggle.


Source: Facebook

From the looks of it, the motorcyclist wasn’t able to take her phone and drives off immediately as the woman stands there shocked at what happened. Her partner then rushes over to see if she is alright.

According to the Facebook post, the incident happened near Uma Rani Restaurant at Jalan Ipoh Batu 4, Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s the video:


Kejadian berlaku berdekatan Restoran Umarani, Jalan Ipoh Bt.4, KL. Mangsa 1 Perempuan India.Kejadian sebegini boleh berlaku di mana pada bila-bila masa dan peragut sudah pandai dalam memilih mangsa. Pastikan anda lebih berjaga-jaga dengan barang berharga anda semasa di luar.

Posted by Tamizhar Media TV on Sunday, June 30, 2019


It all happened so fast!

It is fortunate that the woman managed to escape the attempted robbery without getting hurt!

As Malaysians, we need to always be extra careful when walking on the road in public. It’s not a very good idea to be looking at our phones while doing so as it makes us more susceptible to accidents. Remember, your safety is number one priority when on the road!


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