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Mother Grateful As Daughter Escape Uninjured from Accident Thanks to Secure Straps



Mother Shares Importance of Car Seats After Getting Into Accident with Baby Daughter - WORLD OF BUZZ 4
Source: Oriental Daily

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You may have seen warnings before that infants and toddlers have to be put in car seats for safety purposes. However, sometimes we may just ignore those warnings especially if it’s just a short distance. Well, never underestimate the importance of strapping your child safely in a car seat because it just might save their lives.

Recently, a mother in Taiwan shared her scary experience when they got into a car accident but thankfully, her little baby was saved from injuries as she was strapped to a car seat properly. According to Oriental Daily, the family of three went on a road trip with their seven month old daughter and was going home when they were hit by another vehicle around 8pm.

She said that her husband tried to avoid the out-of-control vehicle but he could not do so in time and they crashed into the ditch. Her husband suffered from multiple injuries including elbow fracture, and injuries to the eye and back. Meanwhile, she was sitting at the back without a seatbelt and sustained injuries to her head, which required eight to 20 stitches.

When she turned around to check on her baby daughter, Lei Lei, she was relieved to see that her baby did not have any injuries at all. She said, “Luckily Lei Lei was sitting securely in her car seat and did not suffer any injuries. Both of us were bleeding profusely, the front of our car was gone and even the car’s airbags had popped out but she was safe and sound!”

She explained that the towing company’s staff told her that she had purchased a really secure car seat that managed to protect her baby from harm. She ended her post by advising other parents to make sure that their child is safely strapped in to a car seat even though they may be crying and complaining. With that being said, don’t forget to strap yourself in too!


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