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Melaka Family Claims a Toyol Stole RM3,000 Meant for Daughter’s Wedding


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Source: Astro Awani

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Some things in this world can not be explained through science or common sense. Normally these things are myths or folklore, or maybe just plain old ghost stories.

As reported by Astro Awani, a villager had noticed the disappearance of the money for her daughter’s marriage preparations last Saturday at Taman Bukit Tembakau, Umbai, and suspected it was done by toyol. Yes, those small pesky green goblin-like creatures in Malay folklore.

The witness, who wanted to be known as Liza, 47, allegedly saw the creature before realising the wedding money had disappeared.

According to her, the incident happened at about 8.15pm last Monday night (22nd July) and was also witnessed by two of her sons, aged 27 and 18.

“At that time, I had just gotten out of the bathroom and saw that the kitchen door was open where it was normally supposed to be closed. As I was about to close it, suddenly I saw the creature climbing the fence at our back yard, ranging just one meter away from me.”

“The toyol turned its head around and looked at me with its blood-red eyes, the size of the body as big as a baby, revealing his fangs and big protruding ears,” she recounted of the horrifying experience at her home.

Two of her sons ran towards her when she screamed upon seeing the creature, and they also saw it climbing up to their roof.

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Source: Astro Awani

The incident was also noticed by the neighbours, and they helped to search for the goblin-like being at different locations in the area but the result was a disappointment.

“The children had noticed that there were scratch marks on the windows behind the house believed to be from the nails of the toyol,” she said.

Liza had also stated that a few minutes afterwards, she went to check for the money that they had saved but found it to be missing, and believed that the incident was related to the sighting of the toyol.

“The money lost was around RM3,000, was supposed to be used to buy chicken and cooking appliances. The last time that I saw the money was on the morning of the incident.”

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Source: Culture Trip

“Before this, I have heard of people losing their money because of toyol, but it didn’t matter to me at that time as it’s either you believe it or not. But this time I met the creature in the flesh and now I understand how frightening it actually is. Until now, I’m feeling traumatised, fearful, and have insomnia as I kept on imagining the face,” said Liza.

On the other hand, the husband, who is known as Man, 49,  said that her daughter’s wedding that will be held this Saturday will possibly be held in a simple manner due to the unfortunate incident.

“This is the third time I’ve held a wedding ceremony for my children and no weird or scary case happened before this.”

“We had also referred to an individual who is wise regarding these kinds of creatures, and they had also given their opinions but I refuse to give any sorts of interpretation that might be wrongly understood by the public. I consider this as a part of the fate and a test from Allah,” said Man.

We hope that the family will be able to recuperate enough money for their daughter’s upcoming wedding ceremony.


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