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Melaka DVS Rescues & Releases Unfortunate Stray Dog That Got Its Head Stuck In A Bottle



Source: Malaysia Animal Association

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What do you do when you see an animal in need of help? You help them (Unless they’re a dangerous animal like a snake or something, then you should call the appropriate authorities), of course.

In this case, the Melaka State Veterinary Services Department (DVS) Enforcement Team was called in to assist with a stray dog that got it’s head stuck in a large bottle.

The Malaysia Animal Association took to their Facebook page to showcase the rescue mission.

Anjing yang tertungkup muka dengan botol di Taman Saujana Bukit Katil Melaka kini telah bebas dan selamat. Kerja kuat…

Posted by Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association on Khamis, 8 Oktober 2020

They wrote, “The dog that got it’s face caught in a bottle at Taman Saujana, Bukit Katil Melaka is now safe and free. The hard work of the Enforcement Team from the Melaka State Veterinary Services Department (DVS) along with a DVS Melaka Animal Welfare officer and a DVS Melaka Health Division Officer paid off when they finally managed to help the unfortunate dog by catching and removing the bottle that was stuck to it’s head.”

“The dog that was saved is confirmed to be healthy and has been released back to its normal life. Congratulations and thank you to the DVS for your hard work in helping this unfortunate dog,” they added.

We’re happy that the dog has been saved but worried for other stray animals in the future who may wander about looking for food and end up getting their heads stuck in other trash left behind by people.

Please ensure to throw your rubbish away properly by placing it in plastic bags that are tied properly before placing them into garbage bins to prevent situations like this from happening.


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