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“Mama Has Passed Away And Our Father Ran Away While We Were Asleep…”



"Mama Has Passed Away. Father Left Us When We were Asleep..." - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook

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Charity does not only mean donating money to those in need, it also involves donating your time, effort, and love.

Mohd Shafiq from Kota Kinabalu is definitely a very kind man as he was open to sharing all that with some hungry kids. The man shared the incident on Facebook, Lobak Merah reported.

Source: Facebook

He wrote,

“I was in the middle of eating (at a restaurant) when I suddenly heard a voice behind me calling ‘brother, brother’. So I said what’s up and they asked if I had money because they were hungry.”

“Of course, I told them to sit with me so we could eat together. They both sat down with me. They looked around 8 or 9 years old but they weren’t even sure of their own age.”

Omg, but why???

“One of them is named Melvin and the other is Tutu. I asked if those were their real names but they didn’t even know. They seemed shy so I just ignored it.”

Shafiq ordered two chicken rice and iced Milo for the boys as per their request. When asked about their family and how they usually got food, Melvin answered,

“(My) brother is over there looking through garbage. Mama has passed away. Our father ran away one day while we were asleep. When I woke up and found out he wasn’t there, I cried.”

“We always search through garbage for food. We eat leftover snacks and KFC chicken.”

Shafiq advised the boys to also collect tin cans and metal when they go through the trash because they can sell that to get money for fresh food.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Melvin then shared that they wanted to work in construction because their father once taught them how to mix cement. He is good at climbing and his brother is good with woodwork.

Melvin even showed off  his slippers to Shafiq. He had found them in the garbage.

“Before this, I had no slippers. I found these in the trash. When I had no slippers, no one wanted to be my friend.”

“But now, I have friends even though my slippers are different on each side.”

Source: Facebook

Shafiq felt a lot of mixed emotions at that point. 

He wanted to remind everyone to help others in need regardless of their background. As long as we can do something, let us do the best we can.

So, if you ever see people in need of help, just help them as much as you can. Sometimes, they could be walking around selling packets of tissue or snacks. Buying just 1 packet could help them a lot.

Kudos to Shafiq for treating those kids to lunch. Let’s hope someone helps those children off the streets!


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