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Malaysian Student Who Always Fail Her Subjects Tell You Why You Must Never Give Up



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As Asians, we were always brought up to obtain good grades. A is always what we should aim for. A’s are definitely not easy to obtain without spending countless hours on your studies.

But what if time was never on your side? Well, a struggling student who had to juggle between her athletic career and school grades tell us why it’s important to never give up, amidst all the criticism she has received.

The post was written by Eileen who shared her experience on Facebook. Her post writes:

“I would like to thank few teachers who did not like student athletes so much. They hated me because I was always absent in school, missed their classes and even failed their subjects. Thanks for giving me such discouragement on my education, shaming me in front of my classmate, saying I am useless and even saying I won’t go far for my studies.

I remember always missing my examinations because I had to go for competitions but I always retook my exam when I get back from them.

Some of my teachers gave up on me, asking me not to do my exams and just leave it with zero marks!
This is why most of my subject in my report card is zero or fail.

I forgive you but I will take your word seriously. I want to prove to you “Nothing is impossible”. Not every athlete will give up on their education.

We try our best on our education.

I remember my hardest time is during 2008. It’s a stressful year for me because it was both an Olympic year and the year I sit for my SPM. The only way I caught up with my studies is my 6-hour private tuition everyday after I came back from Beijing Olympic.

Thank God with my hard work, I manage to get average result in my SPM with 3A and others was B &C.

I am happy with this result as I know it’s enough for me to enter Pre University to continue my studies.

My university results is the best prove to you nothing is impossible. I passed with First Honor Distinction in my degree. You have the right to dislike student athletes, but you don’t have a right to do or say something to discourage us.
This is the simple word called “Respect”.

Thank you teacher! You made me strive to work harder to get a better result.

I want to thank all my teachers who guided and teached me with passion along my way until today!
Especially my Pre-U & University Lecture, thanks for helping me on my studies.
I did enjoy myself in school and Uni.

My parents let me follow my own pace on my studies and swimming. I think they truly understand me what I want to achieve at the end.

Sacrifice to get what you want. Find the Balance. This is life  Nothing is perfect, but we seek for excellence.


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