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Mario Lopez is KFC’s Colonel Sanders in Lifetime’s New Hot & Spicy Romance Movie ‘A Recipe for Seduction’



Source: CNA Lifestyle & Pinterest

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Imagine seeing KFC’s longtime favourite mascot, Colonel Sanders, in a steamy romance movie…

Well, it is actually happening!

And it gets better. “Saved By The Bell” star Mario Lopez will be playing the character Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s signature spokesman and founder, in Lifetime’s original mini-movie “A Recipe for Seduction.”

A Recipe For Seduction tells the story of a young chef with a secret fried chicken recipe who disrupts a woman’s plans to marry off her heiress daughter to a handpicked suitor.

According to the New York Post, this movie will be filled with “mystery, suspense, deception, and ‘fowl’ play,”

The 15-minute romance comes as a creative collaboration between KFC and Lifetime as an effort to gift the viewers with the “perfect distraction” from all things in 2020 this holiday season.

The company said on Monday, December 7, that this Lifetime channel holiday romance would be a great form of marketing and entertainment converge which would boost sales of the chain’s fried chicken.

Many can’t wait to curl up with their bucket of fried chicken and take in the heat from the movie.

A Twitter user shared her excitement by saying “Sorry I am unavailable on December 13th I will be watching the Lifetime KFC movie featuring Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders.”

Another user said “2020 really is something else. Time will tell if #ARecipeForSeduction is finger-licking good lol.”

Brands Inc have urged the public to watch the 15-minute film, which will debut on the Lifetime cable network in the US on Sunday (Dec 13).

No doubt, the rest of us that reside elsewhere will be sure to catch it when it’s available.

Catch the trailer over here!


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