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Japanese Couple Follows Malaysian Youtuber Sugu’s Curry Chicken Recipe & Loves It!



Source: Ichang RM & Ichang RM
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Most of us know who the newest Youtube sensation in Malaysia is right now! With her cooking skills and the way she can speak Malay fluently, she became the nation’s sweetheart during this MCO. She is Sugu Pavithra.

It seems that the power of Sugu’s food is not only limited to Malaysians but people outside of Malaysia enjoy her recipes as well! One of them is Ichang! Ichang is a Japanese woman living in Hong Kong who enjoys travelling to Malaysia. She is also very obsessed with our durians!

On 15th April, Ichang uploaded a video where she followed Sugu’s curry chicken recipe. She was probably missing Malaysian food! Till date, the video has garnered about 260,000 views and Sugu even replied to Ichang!

Let’s move onto the video! It starts off with Ichang and her partner Jimmy using Google Translate on Sugu’s video as they did not really understand Malay. Bit by bit, they managed to get the complete list of ingredients and set off to find them. They even went to the hilly side behind their house to look for a banana leaf! That’s dedication! As they couldn’t find Baba’s curry powder in Hong Kong, they decided to make their own.

The duo measured and toasted the spices meticulously. Armed with a pestle and mortar, they ground all of them into their very own spice mix. Then Ichang started cooking with Sugu’s video as a guide. While the curry was simmering, both of them went on to clean the banana leaf that they found. They put it in a bathtub, cleaned it with soap and proceeded to “blanch” it with freshly boiled water.

Once the banana leaf was on the table, they scooped out some rice and ladled up the delicious curry. For maximum authenticity, they used their (right) hand to eat throughout the whole meal and even had seconds! To finish up the meal in a true Malaysian way, Ichang made onde-onde and badak berendam for dessert! At the end of the video, the duo humbly thanked Miss Sugu and Mr. Sazali Samad for the recipe, bowed a little and thanked their viewers and followers too! How polite!

Looking through the comments, we can see that their Malaysian viewers have already labelled them as one of us Malaysians for how well they know our habits and idiosyncrasies. In their newest nasi kandar video, they even started off with a little skit where Jimmy said, kubis boss! To which Ichang replied,

“Makan boss!”

This couple is definitely very humble and their content is great as well! Here are the links for you to watch their most recent videos on how they made roti canai and nasi kandar


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Source: Ichang RM
Source: Ichang RM
Source: Ichang RM
Source: Ichang RM
Source: Ichang RM
Source: Ichang RM
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