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“I only drink other beverages” South Korean Man Drinks Water For The First Time In 20 Years!



Source: YouTube

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We all know how some of our horrifying experiences during our childhood can leave us traumatised for years. If you can’t relate, we wish we had your childhood. 

But, it is true! Just like this story of a man from South Korea who has never had water in 20 over years! And this is all because of a traumatising experience as a child.

The man shared on the Korean Variety show “Da Kuomin talk show” that when he was 9 years old, he accidentally drank groundwater. The stench of the groundwater left a psychological shadow that followed him for many years which led him to never drinking water again and only relied on other beverages.

According to China Press, many tried to convince him that this would result in death, but he didn’t seem to care. “Die or die,” he would reply them.

One time, he had severe abdominal pains which the doctors then told him that it was kidney stones due to not drinking water. Besides urinary stones, he suffered from other underlying health conditions like gastric ulcers, bowel obstruction, obesity, and many more.

They warned him that this could be fatal if he did not drink water. He then said he would rely on beers to help him. Due to using alcohol to replace his daily consumption of water, his weight skyrocketed by 60kgs!

On the show, the guests asked him how many times does he pee in a day, as a healthy human being should urinate four to ten times a day. His answer shocked everyone. “One time in a day,” he said.

At the end of the show, the crew prepared him 3 cups of drinks. The first cup was water with lemon but he immediately spat it out. The second cup was filled with burdock tea. He took a sip and managed to swallow but gave a sour face, saying he didn’t like it.

When it came to the third cup, the host told him that it’s a ‘special beverage’. He drank it but spat it out and asked: “Why does this taste like water?” Because it actually was!

The host then wrapped it up but advising him that he should start drinking burdock tea and slowly to a lighter tea. This could gradually help him to start drinking plain water again instead of depending on beer or other beverages.

If you would like to watch the video, click here!

We hope everyone out there is drinking enough water. Stay hydrated everyone!

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Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

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