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“How to live like this?” M’sian Who Earns RM3.8K Says He Has Nothing Left After Monthly Expenses



Source: CUInsight & AsiaOne

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It’s getting harder to survive in urban cities as the standard of living gets higher each year.

A Malaysian man posted in UTAR Confessions about his finances asking netizens their opinions as he doesn’t know how to save his money for future purposes. The confessor works in Kuala Lumpur and earns RM3,800 monthly where after EPF and SOCSO deductions, his salary comes up to about RM3,300.

With all of his expenses, the confessor says he doesn’t have any money left even though he feels his money is only being used for important expenses.

His expenses are as follow:

  • Rent: RM400
  • Family: RM500
  • Traffic: RM30
  • Diet: RM600
  • Private WiFi & Phone Fee: RM200
  • Private Study Loan: RM150
  • Daily Goods & Shopping: RM200
  • Health benefits (family & himself): RM600
  • Savings Insurance: RM400
  • Medical card: RM200
  • Other miscellaneous fees: RM20

If you do the math, you can see that after all these expenses, his balance is RM0! He even added that he’s not dating anyone and he’s single. Even though there’s a girl in his office whom he likes, he’s too self-conscious about his salary to even make a move.

“Do I eat less? Do I reduce money to my parents? Cut off my savings insurance? What should I do?”

He added that he’s seriously wondering how those who earn under RM3,000 monthly manage their finances. “In order to save RM1K a month, I will have to live my life as if I’m earning RM2K only,” he said.

Is this what it means to be urban poor in Kuala Lumpur now? Let us know what you think!


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Source: Freepik
Source: Asia One

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