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“Hit You With That DDU”; Kelantan Vehicle Registration Bids Reach RM1.78million



Source: bernama.com & headtopics.com

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Apparently the Blinks (BLACKPINK fans) are not the only ones that love it.

Recently,  the  Kelantan Road Transport Department (RTD) recorded the highest collection of bids for the DDU vehicle registration serial number reached a whopping RM1.78million,  as reported by Bernama.

Kelantan Road Transport Department (RTD) director, Hanif Yusabra Yusuf (far right) holding the DDU 8055 vehicle registration number.

Kelantan RTD director, Hanif Yusabra Yusuf said that the bidding exceeded their initial target of RM1.35million. It was also the highest collection of registration number series since the JPJeBid (electronic bidding for vehicle registration number plates) was introduced in Kelantan.

He also mentioned that the number of users registered with the JPJeBid was 238,252 at the close of the bidding.  2,040 bidders were involved, however, only 341 bidders were successful.

The Kelantan RTD director also said that “The bidding price will be according to the category that has been set, namely the key category with a value of RM20,000; attractive numbers (two digits) at RM3,000; attractive numbers (three digits) at RM2,500; attractive numbers (four digits) at RM2,000; and popular numbers at RM500 and current numbers worth RM300.”

For the public who are interested to get the remaining registration numbers can also do as such at the state RTD office or branches. It is also advised that the public have a mySIKAP ID to get a list of the current numbers that have not been registered yet and (they can) then buy them online.

Are you willing to pay that high for your car registration number? Let us know in the comments.



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