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Group Of Strangers Made Pakistani Man Do Squats & Cut Off His Penis In Shah Alam



Source: Running Malaysia & International Business Times

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A 32-year-old Pakistani man experienced a horrific incident when he was approached by a group of strangers who decided to cut his genitals off.

According to Utusan TV, a friend of the victim, Rizwan Ahmad, made the police report on the incident and shared details into the awful experience.

He shared that the victim was sitting alone near the Alam Impian mosque in Shah Alam on Sunday night (4 April) when he was approached by four men.

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They had apparently asked him if he was married and about his sex life, or more specifically, on whether he had had sex in Malaysia.

The victim replied that he was married, that his partner was in Pakistan and he did not have sexual relations in our country.

“Then, he (one of the suspects) told him (the victim) to take off his shirt and pants. He (the victim) had to do 10 squats. After doing the squats, he (the victim) proceeded to put his pants back on,”

“But, the suspect then said that he never told him (the victim) to put his pants back on,” Rizwan said.

“Why did you put your pants back on?” the suspect had allegedly asked the victim.

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One of the suspects then asked the victim why his penis wasn’t erected, to which the victim replied that he couldn’t do it.

The suspect then told him that he was going to cut the victim’s penis off as it is deemed no longer useful, to which the victim begged him not to do it.

“He (the victim) told them to not cut off his genitals,” Rizwan added.

“You can cut off my legs or my hands,” the victim had begged.

Sadly, the group of men proceeded with their horrific act. They held the victim down, cut his penis off, and threw it away before fleeing the scene.

The group had also thrown his phone away so that he couldn’t call for help.

The poor man had initially passed out from the pain, but when he came to, he managed to find his phone and call another friend for help.

When asked about the severed penis, they have sadly yet to find it.

“We haven’t found it. Many of us went looking, even the police were there, they helped search but came up empty-handed,” Rizwan shared.

The Head of the Selangor Criminal Investigation Department, Datuk Fadzil Ahmat has since confirmed the incident and shared that investigations are underway to find out the motive of the act.

The victim is now seeking medical attention at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), and his family in Pakistan have yet to be informed of the injustice he has experienced.

The victim, who is a UNHCR cardholder, is said to be a kind man who doesn’t have enemies.

It is truly saddening to know that there are those out there, among us, who are capable of such gruesome and violent acts.

We genuinely hope that the authorities get to the bottom of this.

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