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Ghost Hand Appears in Car Being Pulled Out of Gombak Ravine & Netizens Are Freaking Out



Ghost Hand In Appears In Video Showing Car Being Pulled Out Of Ravine In Gombak, Netizens Speculate - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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It’s no secret that certain Malaysian roads are haunted as heck though many of the incidents caught on camera can very much be debunked once the facts are more apparent and more sensible reasoning is used.

But there are those rare incidents that seem somewhat unexplainable.

For instance, Khalid (Better) (@khalids) took to his Twitter account to share a video that has been circulating online for the past couple of days. The video showcases a Perodua Viva being pulled out of a ravine at the old Gombak road that leads to Genting Sempah.

The odd part about the video, however, was a skinny; long, pale skeleton-like hand that drops what looks like a piece of black cloth from the back window of the car, before slowing slipping back into the car.

Khalid wrote, “A car is being towed out of the ravine at the old Gombak road yesterday, heading towards Genting Sempah. Check out the video as the car is being pulled out. I can’t quite figure it out.”

Netizens took to the posting to speculate and try to make sense of the oddity.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

That said, the most sensible answer to what the creature at the back of the car could be is…

Source: Twitter

Upon looking closer, you can actually see what looks like a small animal leaping out the back of the car after dropping whatever it was holding.

Of course, many are still speculating that it may be something else considering the hand and the body that had jumped out don’t seem proportionate to each other.

Khalid’s posting has since garnered over 1,100 retweets.

Spooooky. What do you guys think it is? Let us know in the comments section. 


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