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From Fried Rice to Barista Skills, Ahmad Maslan is Now Flipping Burgers at Johor Stall


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Source: TikTok | ybahmadmaslan

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While Ahmad Maslan rarely shares his duties as 1 of the Ministers of Finance, he’s certainly there to showcase his skills in the kitchen by cooking up a storm, and it’s not even something new. 

Years ago, he came up with his unique recipe for Strawberry Fried Rice and since then, the internet has dubbed him NGAM (Nasi Goreng Ahmad Maslan), especially after he was able to come up with multiple recipes for fried rice alone. After showing off his barista skills recently, Ahmad was recently spotted preparing burgers for the customers at a stall, the old school way.

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On his TikTok post @ybahmadmaslan, the Minister of Finance is seen flipping the patty while asking the public to visit the stall, which is located outside SMK Sri Tanjung in Pontian, Johor. While the vendor beside him was getting ready with the buns and condiments, Ahmad dipped the patties into the black pepper sauce before placing in on the buns with the condiments, and the vendor finished the rest by packing the burgers before passing it to the customers.

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While Ahmad effortlessly cooked and flipped the patty, several customers were seen recording the rare incident. It’s not always that you get to see a minister flipping burgers at the roadside in his football jersey and mingling around with the people.

If there is any minister who could impress the people with his cooking and people skills, it’s probably Ahmad Maslan.

“Ahmad Maslan completing his side quests”

In the meantime, netizens were entertained to see Ahmad showing off his burger flipping skills, and a new name for him has emerged – from NGAM to BAM (Burger Ahmad Maslan).

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“As guys, it’s simple. We see Ahmad Maslan, we give a like.”

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“I haven’t even tasted NGAM, now there’s a BAM. He should run his own restaurant,” a netizen joked.

“Do you think Chef Wan dares to comment on Ahmad’s food?”

“Ahmad Maslan can do anything?”

You can watch the clip below.


Jalan Jalan Cari Makan – di gerai burger di Benut Pontian

♬ original sound – DS Ahmad Maslan

He has done Nasi Goreng, and he has tried frothing the milk for a good cup of latte. What’s next?


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