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Founder of Ramly Burger Started Business With a Modal of RM2,000 & Now It’s a Household Brand!


Ramly Burger Story 1
Source: Ramly Burger Delivery l Facebook & Ramly

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Pillowy buns, a familiar, nostalgic taste to the patty on a gentle heap of lettuce. That’s how we would describe one of Malaysia’s favourite food, the roadside Ramly burger.

It is a Malaysian staple, of course, but do you know how it all started? Buckle up as we’ll be going down the history lane!

It all started in the 1970s when the Malaysian Muslim population were debating whether burger meats were halal for them to eat, reported the HISTORY on Facebook.

After mulling about it, Ramly bin Mokni decided to take a leap of faith to enter the market with his homemade burger patties.

Ramly Burger Founder And Wife

Dato’ dr. Haji ramly mokni and datin hajjah shala siah abdul manap.

At first, he applied for a loan with the local government but that was promptly rejected. However, he did not give up, instead, he started the business with an extremely small capital of RM2,000.

During that time, he produced 200 burger patties by hand per day but lady luck just wasn’t on his side as the reception was nothing spectacular.

Thinking long and hard, he figured that he would start a roadside stall where he sells his burgers cooked along with uncooked patties.

Ramly Burger

For illustration purposes only.

1 customer turned into 5 and from then on, the rest is history. By the year 1984, Ramly bin Mokni opened up his first factory that produces burger patties and became a household brand.

Now, you can go into any supermarket and get yourself a packet of Ramly patties to assemble your very own burger special double.

This story of unyielding dedication to a business is definitely very inspiring! Do you prefer Ramly burgers/ fast food burgers or fancy restaurant burgers? Let us know in the comments!


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Source: Ramly

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