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“Did they campaign for Israel?” – M’sians Divided Over Siti Nurhaliza’s Participation in David Foster Concert


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Source: Kipas | Twitter & 고운 흰 천 | Twitter

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We don’t even have to tell you that Malaysians are supporters of Palestine and have been actively attempting to boycott any and every brand and person who is pro-Israel.

With that being said, celebrated Malaysian singer, Siti Nurhaliza, recently performed in Indonesian at Hitman Returns – David Foster and Friends. Due to her participation in the event, Malaysians are now severely divided over defending her or condemning her as David Foster is apparently a known Israel supporter.

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‘Siti’ is now trending on Twitter, where Malaysians are calling out the singer’s fans for defending her for participating in the concert, stating that its a clear double standard as other local celebrities and influencers have received intense backlash for being associated with brands or people who are pro-Israel.


Here are some who are defending Siti Nurhaliza: 

Siti 1

“We’re boycotting Israel because we want to put pressure on their economy. Siti Nurhaliza went for the concert to fulfill the invitation from the Indonesian organiser. So, how is it that she’s engaging with Israel?”

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“To those who are enthusiastically boycotting and condemning Siti Nurhaliza over the concert, did they campaign for Israel? Did anyone wave the Israeli flag at the concert? They’re just being professionals on stage and doing their jobs. You are purposely waiting for an opportunity to bring down Siti Nurhaliza.”


And here are some who are calling out Siti Nurhaliza and her fans (Sitizoners) for defending her: 

Siti 5

“No hate to Siti Nurhaliza, but seriously, Malaysians are really biased. The other day, Dayan Trisha was condemned for this and that. When people were told that she had contributed (to Palestine), she was still disputed and condemned. Are you guys really voicing out for Palestine or just riding the issue to let out your hatred?”

Siti 4


What do you think? Should Siti Nurhaliza be allowed to perform with whoever she pleases because she actively champions and contributes to Palestine or should she walk the talk and separate herself from pro-Israel performers?

Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Kipas

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