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Despite Cold Treatment, Mother Travels 1 Hour to Send Daughter Food Every Day



Source: China Press

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A mother’s love truly knows no bounds.

To care for her grieving widowed daughter, a mother in Singapore have been willingly travelling by bus from afar to visit her daughter every day for three years, just to send a meal to her.

Residents in a Bedok Reservoir Road HDB flat have watched a grandmother in her 70s appearing outside a corner unit at the seventh floor every single day, Zao Bao reported. She knocks on the door while calling out her daughter’s name, which will go on for about two hours. All that effort was made just to see her daughter, and hand her the food she had brought along.

Source: China Press

According to the residents residing at the housing area, the dedicated mother usually arrives at around 4pm, and leaves at about 6pm. For the past three years, she has never failed to ‘report for duty’ every day. 

A resident who declined to be named told Zao Bao reporters that the daughter of the elderly woman is a widow in her 40s.

The grandmother said that ever since her daughter’s husband passed away, her daughter’s temperament took a drastic turn. She would stay indoors the whole day, not wanting to come out from her house. That is the reason why the grandmother comes over every day to deliver her food to her daughter,” the resident revealed.

The reporters of Zao Bao visited the HDB flat on February 24 at 4pm, and noticed an elderly woman holding a plastic bag standing outside the housing unit. She was seen knocking on the door while calling out her daughter’s name.

Source: China Press

Although her voice had turned hoarse from the endless shouting, the door remained firmly shut. No one from the inside opened the door for the elderly woman. 

Tired from the shouting and knocking, the grandmother sadly left. She sat on a stone bench on the ground floor of the HDB flat to take a rest. Around 6pm, she made her way up again and resumed her pleas. The elderly woman even used an almost begging tone to call for her daughter.

This time, the door finally opened after 15 minutes.

A thin woman appeared in front of the door. The grandmother instantly forgot her weariness and displayed a happy look on her face upon the sight of the lady, handing over the box of food and bread to her.

The lady, however, did not invite her mother into the house, and instead ignored her old woman chatting in front of her. 

Source: China Press

The loving grandmother was not affected by her daughter’s cold treatment. She then stood outside the house, watching her daughter eat the food she brought in delight. After half an hour, the elderly woman happily made her way back home with an empty box.

Before the grandmother left, the reporters of Zao Bao had a short interview session with her. She revealed that she takes the bus from Toa Payoh to Bedok Reservoir Road every day, just to deliver food to her daughter. The trip takes about an hour to reach!

Source: Zao Bao

“Ever since her husband passed away, she does not leave the house on her own anymore. If I do not come over, how would she willingly step out the door to have a meal?” she sighed.

We salute this dedicated mother! Hopefully all will be well for this mother-daughter duo.


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