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Beautiful Pahang Waterfall Left Trashed With Plastic And Rubbish By Inconsiderate Citizens



Source: KUANTAN's Facebook

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A popular waterfall in Pahang known as Berkelah Falls was recently trashed over the weekend by thoughtless individuals who left a trail of plastic waste scattered all over nature’s grounds. In pictures that were shared on the Facebook group, KUANTAN, heaps of plastic bottles, food packaging, and trash bags were spotted right next to the popular waterfall.

The post was captioned with, “Just wanted to share a waterfall picnic that happened today…maybe yesterday. Today, there’s a gang from Ipoh and KL. It’s very embarrassing.” As Malaysians, we hold the privilege of having so many beautiful waterfalls to boast about. But if we keep this up, there won’t be any more waterfalls worth visiting.

Many netizens took to the comment section to say how disappointing and disgusting it was that Malaysians can’t even clean up after themselves when visiting these national treasures. It shows how ignorant citizens are constantly taking advantage of the environment.

Thankfully, it seems as though not all hope is lost. A response team from Jerangkang Berkelah Waterfall heard about the incident after it went viral and immediately deployed seven dedicated truckers who took up the responsibility of ensuring every piece of trash left on the waterfall’s grounds were picked up and disposed of properly. The mission started at 7 pm and went on past midnight. “Even though we didn’t get enough sleep, we pressed on with as much energy as we could muster. We hope the clean condition of the waterfall will be maintained forever so the future generations can experience the beauty we’re living in right now,” penned the post.

[MISI PEMBERSIHAN BERKELAH WATERFALL]Alhamdulillahwalaupon sibuk teramat trip masuk ke jerangkang waterfall,dapat…

Posted by Jerangkang Berkelah Waterfall on Sabtu, 26 September 2020

While these men deserve high praise for their tremendous effort, this should also be a fair warning for all Malaysians to look after the environment we live in before it’s too late. 


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