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Parent Shares How Her Baby Inhaled Watch Battery & It Chemically Corroded In Her Throat



Source: Arak Wongworachat

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For a young family, their young toddler had somehow inhaled a minuscule watch battery, where it wound up being lodged in her throat.

As shared over social media by Thai netizen Arak Wongworachat, the unfortunate incident was said to have befallen a young three-year-old girl after her mother had found her daughter suffering from an abrupt shortness of breath and a constant runny nose.

Upon initial inspection, Arak suspected that the girl had been suffering from an obstruction to her nostril and immediately took her to hospital.


At the hospital where the girl’s X-rays had been conducted, they eventually found the cause of her breathing difficulties: a small watch battery that she had somehow inhaled, which was now lodged into her windpipe.



Instructed to fast for surgery, the young girl was then put under anesthesia before a medical team could then operate on her left nostril to remove the battery. However, before they could do that, they had to drain off a good amount of pus which had accumulated in the girl’s windpipe.


As it turns out, not only had the watch battery found itself stuck in her windpipe, it had also gradually began to corrode, melting the surrounding soft tissue that lined her throat, turning it brown and black.


Removing the battery, doctors had to then cut away the corroded tissue from her throat. She was then prescribed a dose of antibiotics before being declared healthy after a week long hospital stay.

So if you have any little kids running about the house, always keep a close eye on them! You never know what they can be up to! 


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