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8yo Boy Almost Paralysed Due to 3 Broken Pieces of a Sewing Needle Found in His Neck 6 Years Later



8yo Boy Shocked to Find 3 Broken Pieces of Sewing Needle in His Neck, No Clue How it Got There - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Shutterstock & Asia One

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We’ve heard many stories about doctors accidentally leaving surgery instruments like scissors and needles in their patients’ bodies that are only discovered several years later, and it’s mind-boggling how these people manage to carry on with their lives with a sharp metal object inside them.

Eventually though, these objects start to cause them pain, after which they go to the doctor and discover the shocking reality that they’ve been living all these years with a harmful object inside them.

This was what happened to an eight-year-old boy from Henan, China, who lived with three pieces of a broken needle in his neck for five to six years!

Source: Asia One

According to Asia One, the needle pieces are believed to have been caused the boy’s poor mobility and frequent falls, but his grandfather simply assumed that the boy lacked calcium and didn’t think much about it.

Only when the boy started complaining of a severe neck pain which became so bad that it brought him to tears did the family realise how serious the problem was.

When the boy was brought to Henan Children’s Hospital and had gone through a CT scan, the results revealed that there were three foreign metal objects found in his body, with two of them in his spinal canal and one just next to his windpipe!

Source: Asia One

A surgery was then performed by a neurosurgeon, Li Tao, who extracted the needle pieces in a seven-hour surgery on 7th July. When the pieces were put together, it turned out to be a sewing needle measuring 5 cm long. 

Li Tao said that if the family had waited any longer to bring the child in, he might’ve been paralysed for life. He also shared that the surgery was extremely risky as it involved operating very close to the windpipe and arteries.

What’s surprising is that none of the boy’s family members had any clue as to how the needle managed to get lodged inside his body.

Fortunately, the boy is recovering well and will be discharged from the hospital in a few days.

Wow! Good thing nothing bad happened to the boy. Any idea how the needle got into his neck? If you got a clue, let us know in the comments below!


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