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7 Things Only Malaysians Who Watch Football Are Crazy Enough To Do


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Source: Gabrielle Jaffe & simplifaster

We’ve all heard of how hyper dedicated fans of anything popular can be. But none of them are as hardcore as football fans, especially Malaysians, who throughout the history of the sport have done some crazy things all for the sake of supporting their favourite teams and enjoying the sport with like-minded people.

If you don’t believe us, let’s look at some of the (pre-MCO) things Malaysians were willing to do for the sport they love:

1. They’re willing to sit through horrendous traffic to catch a match at their favourite mamak

Traffic Jams City With Row Cars Road Night 62867 16

If you live in areas like Bangsar or Sunway, we’re pretty sure you’ve come across heavy traffic on nights where there’s a big football match happening. There’s not much you can do but sit in the jam until you pass it, unless you’re also on the way to a popular makan spot to watch the match too.


2. They arrive a few hours before the match to ‘chup’ a good table

The Mamak The Cornerstone Of Malaysian Late Night Dining

During the pre-covid era, mamaks were a hotspot for football fans.

Malaysian football fans are an extremely patient bunch who will show up at a mamak or any other venue that broadcasts live football matches to book a good table with a good view. If you were ever looking for a late-night mamak snack during football season, we suggest you just tapau your food and eat at home.


3. They can stay up super late and still go to work the next day or take MC

Sleep At Work

This is what happens when you watch football until 5am.

In fact, some of them don’t even sleep. The ones who cannot be bothered to go to work the next day will just apply for medical leave or emergency leave on the eve of a big football match. Speaking from experience, ahem.

It’s a good thing UEFA EURO 2020 is happening during FMCO! We can sneak in some short naps while we work from home after catching a late-night game. 😛


4. They can debate better than a professional debate team


God forbid if you ever disagree with a kiasu Malaysian football fan’s opinion on the game, or their favourite team. Even if you have some knowledge of football and you’re looking to argue with a hardcore fan, you’ll most likely be on the losing side because they will spew out all the facts, statistics and even history of the game just to prove you wrong. Just don’t argue with them.


5. Switching their phones off during a match so no one can kacau them

Missing Calls

You know you’re in trouble when you see 100 missed calls from mum.

It can get quite annoying when your friend, boss or girlfriend calls you during a big football match. It especially doesn’t help when your boss calls you after working hours during MCO just because he knows you have your work laptop with you. Well, to remedy that, some Malaysians resort to switching off their mobile phones during a match so that no one can disturb them! NO. ONE.


6. They spend a ton of money on football merchandise

Soccer Collection

We’re not sure where football fans get all the money they spend on merchandise and memorabilia but step into any of their homes and you’ll see a whole gallery of football stuff that are probably worth more than the car they drive.


7. Completely losing it when they miss a goal after walking away for just 30 seconds

Football Fan 1

The pain is REAL.

Missing a goal or a great pass is sometimes unavoidable especially if you need to pee urgently, help your boss with a last-minute report, or pick up your food from abang Grab. In other instances, you might think your team is leading so you decide to make yourself a celebratory snack only to return and realise your team is now behind 2-4. HOW?!

Has any of this happened to you before? It’s quite frustrating, right? Well, if you’re a big football fan–who doesn’t want to miss a crucial moment ever again–we’ve got some great news for you!

Astro GO just released the new Interactive Mode feature for live sports & it will enhance your viewing experience like never before! You’ll never miss even a second of the match again!

With the UEFA EURO 2020 happening this month, this is the perfect time for all football fans to try out this innovative feature. Not only can you stream all 51 matches throughout the tournament, but you can also see in-game instant highlights, lineups, match stats, player stats, and live scores all in real-time! You can take your toilet breaks or make a snack in peace now!

Check out how it works by watching the video below:

Interactive Mode is definitely a football fan’s dream! You can check any highlights that you missed or even rewind the stream to watch that great score by your favourite player again and again. There’s also no need to keep an extra screen open to check the statistics or other match details because it will all be available on Astro GO as you are watching the match.

Interface Home Screen

Rewind to catch any action you might have missed

Interface Statistics Group
Check match statistics on the go as you watch the match

Interface Lineup

Match lineups are also available

On top of that, Astro Sports Pack subscribers will get to enjoy crystal clear views of the tournament in stunning 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dolby Atmos technology for a more immersive experience in the living room. What a great time to be alive!

1623411077994 Scaled

FYI, Astro GO is a complimentary app for all Astro customers to enjoy their favourite shows and channels on their smartphones, tablets and computers anytime, anywhere in Malaysia. This includes hours of movies, series, live sports and more!

Seeing as how the FMCO has been extended for another two weeks, this is the perfect time to #StayIn and #StaySafe while enjoying the UEFA EURO 2020 on Astro GO. Download the Astro GO app via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today and you’re all set for one of the most exciting football events of the year!

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