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7 Places in Singapore That Are So SPOOKY, Even Locals Try to Avoid Them


7 Places In Singapore That Are So Spooky, Even Locals Try To Avoid Them - World Of Buzz 1
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Any Malaysian who grew up in the ’80s, ’90s and early ’00s would have definitely read some chilling ghost stories about Singapore through Russell Lee’s epic books –  think True Singapore Ghost Stories!

For extra eerie effects, we bet some of you even read those stories in the middle of the night, under your blanket with a reading light! I’m guilty of that! 

Sometimes, you’d scare yourself so much that you can’t even get out of bed to turn off the lights. Ah, childhood memories…

Well, here’s a list of some of the creepiest places you absolutely do not want to discover when you travel to Singapore.

1. Old Tanglin Camp

Way back before WWII, the Tanglin Barracks used to house the Singaporean army troops. Unfortunately, when the Japanese infiltrated the country during the war, they took over the camp and used the site to torture Australian prisoners of war.

There were many sightings of restless spirits here. But even if you don’t believe in ghosts, pictures of this place alone will definitely send shivers down anyone’s spine.


2. Pulau Tekong

8 Places In Singapore That Are So Scary, Even Locals Try To Avoid - World Of Buzz 3

source: wikipedia

This island off Singapore’s mainland is a military training base where most of the basic military training takes place. Hence, this location isn’t easily accessible for everyday people.

The men who were serving their national service on that island have often told stories of the scariest of sightings. The scariest tale to date is about an NS man who got separated from the troop and when he was found, his internal organs were ripped out of his body. Omg!

Source: SPH Razor


3. Old Changi Beach

8 Places In Singapore That Are So Scary, Even Locals Try To Avoid - World Of Buzz 4

source: pinterest

During the day, this beach may seem like a beautiful spot to pak thor. But when night falls, you may feel like you’ve got more company than just your date.

During WWII, this beach was one of the sites where the Japanese troops murdered suspected gangsters and anti-Japanese people in the historic Sook Ching Massacre.

Apparently, many people have seen souls whose outfit fit the fashion of that era. Many have claimed to have experience paranormal activity here like the mysterious cries, the bloody stains on the sand, the eerie screams and the headless bodies walking along the beach.

7 Places In Singapore That Are So Spooky, Even Locals Try To Avoid Them - World Of Buzz

8 Places In Singapore That Are So Scary, Even Locals Try To Avoid - World Of Buzz 6

a monument to remember the slaughtered men. Source: evolve mma


4. Amber Beacon Tower @ East Coast Park

8 Places In Singapore That Are So Scary, Even Locals Try To Avoid - World Of Buzz 8

source: flickr

East Coast Park is a pretty well-known location for cycling, having BBQs and camping sessions. It makes the perfect weekend getaway for families too. And while you’re there, you’d have certainly cycled pass this yellow tower.

Though it may seem like a fuss-free spot for a simple date, it is also the same place where a couple was brutally stabbed in 1990, according to the Straits Times.

The girlfriend unfortunately died from the attack and it is said that her restless soul continues to linger around the tower.


5. 10 Courts of Hell

If you want to see how hell looks like in Chinese mythology, then you should visit the 10 Courts of Hell in Haw Par Villa. They have statues depicting the gruesome punishments in hell for different sins.

There’s also rumour that the statues are dead human beings covered in wax. Others believe that somewhere in this park, lies one of the gates to hell.

Regardless of whether these rumours are true, many people have cited that the park ‘comes to life’ at night as screams are often heard coming from this place.

8 Places In Singapore That Are So Scary, Even Locals Try To Avoid - World Of Buzz 10

source: tribunnews


6. Old Changi Hospital

Ah, the old Changi Hospital is a classic venue that most ‘haunted places’ list cannot do without. This place is extremely eerie that even people across the globe know about it!

During WWII, when the Japanese occupied Singapore, they used this hospital to supposedly ‘treat’ prisoners of war. But of course, soldiers of that war were somewhat demented so it’s speculated that they tortured those poor prisoners instead!

It is said that the cries of agony of the tortured souls can still be heard till today. Some have even spotted those restless spirits in broad daylight!

Source: Pencari Entiti Crew


7. St. John’s Island

Another beautiful vacation spot with an underlying shady story would be St. John’s island. Apparently, Japanese soldiers would play HUMAN chess on a massive chess board in the middle of the island.

Those horrid soldiers would use prisoners of war as chess pieces. Whenever a chess piece was ‘defeated’ by the enemy, the Japanese would actually behead those prisoners there and then! Wah, so brutal and sick!

8 Places In Singapore That Are So Scary, Even Locals Try To Avoid - World Of Buzz 15

source: wwii today

Well, it seems like Singapore has become a terribly haunted country after the agonising World War II.

Perhaps the extremely shocking turn of events have left an everlasting scar in the country to the point where many places are littered with restless souls.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, our advice would be not to visit these places alone, or you might risk returning home with some unwelcome ‘friends’!

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Ghost Plays With Sleeping Singaporean Girl In A Haunted Chalet - World Of Buzz 1

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