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5 Ways for Malaysians To Celebrate Christmas and Bring That Festive Cheer



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It’s that time of year again! For most people, me included, Christmas has this happy cheer glistening around it. It’s a day of joy and what are some ways to complete it? Check out below!


1. Visit shopping malls

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Nothing brings out that Christmas feelz more than walking around malls decorated with Christmas trees, ornaments and the sort, while classic Christmas tunes play in the background. Plus, Pavilion showers their patrons with snow every December. It happens at 8pm every day, where foams are released from the ceiling of Pavilion’s main entrance to make it extra special for Malaysians.

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2. Home Christmas party

Invite a few friends over while everyone chip in a few bucks for the party. Whether you decide on a steamboat dinner, BBQ, potluck or the simple pizza delivery, Christmas makes it a great opportunity (and all the more reason) to get your friends out from their caves.


3. Give back to strangers

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Hey it’s the day of giving! What gives greater joy than to put smiles on people’s faces? Hold up “free hug” signs, plan a flash mob, or anything spontaneous just to make someone’s day. It’s definitely very rewarding.

By the way, World of Buzz is doing just that tomorrow for Christmas where we’ll be distributing free cookies to people! Let’s see if you guys manage to catch us in action.


4. Create Christmas-themed treats

What would Malaysians love more if it weren’t food? Start your day with some snowman pancakes, or bake Christmas cookies with your family or loved one.


5. Dress up and go out!

It doesn’t even have to be something full fledged. Don upon red/green outfits along with reindeer antlers or Santa hats and spread the festive joy on the streets. Bukit Bintang will be the best place to be. Bring a can of snow spray if you’d like, and REALLY spread that Christmas cheer 😉


So any of you guys doing this for Christmas?

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