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5 Refreshing Things Malaysians Have Learnt Since Staying At Home This MCO


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After more than a year of staying at home, there’s no denying that some of us are still struggling to find the balance between WFH and keeping our spirits up without going out and about. However, through many trials and errors, we’ve definitely managed to learn a few things that have worked in helping us stay refreshed and boost our moods throughout these MCO days.

Curious? Read on to see a few refreshing things that we’ve managed to learn from all the time we’ve spent at home!


1. Giving your house a refreshed look doesn’t cost much

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A very valuable lesson that we’ve learnt during MCO is that the environment we live in can affect so many aspects of our lives, especially when we’re now staying at home 24/7. However, it’s also worth noting that sprucing up your home should not be costing you much money or energy! Here are some revitalising, cost-efficient things you can do:

  • Getting a few live plants can feel like you’re bringing in a whole new breath of fresh air.
  • Hanging up a few photos of things/places/people you love can instantly create a comforting gallery wall.
  • Organising your fridge or kitchen pantry will not only make it more appealing but can also motivate you to eat better.


2. There are more fun ways to keep your social relationships alive

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One of the hardest parts of the MCO is definitely not being able to see our friends and family, especially if you live far from them. But even though we can’t be reunited physically, we’ve learnt that there are still other, more fun, ways to reconnect apart from texts and video calls.

  • Utilising sites like Houseparty to host virtual game nights with your friends
  • Tapao-ing lunch/dinner to be sent straight to their homes is the best way to wish them well.
  • Sending a curated Spotify playlist consisting of a few tracks dedicated to your friends is also another great option if you can’t afford physical gifts.


3. Adopting creative hobbies can give you a refreshing outlet to express yourself & keep your spirits up

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Taking care of yourself and keeping your spirits up is one of the most important lessons we’ve learnt during MCO. And one of the best ways to do that is by adopting a creative hobby so that our minds can take a break from the mundane WFH days. Some beginner-friendly hobbies you can try include:

  • Online language courses
  • Completing jigsaw puzzles
  • Paint by numbers
  • Learning to cook your mother’s recipes


4. A small good deed can be a huge help to #SapotLokal businesses during MCO

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Another thing we’ve learnt from the MCO is how important it is to support small, local businesses especially now more than ever! So many businesses have resorted to closing down and if we want to keep that from happening, we can all take small steps to help them out such as:

  • Tapao-ing lunch from your favourite hawker auntie
  • Purchasing your necessities from local sellers online instead of huge supermarkets
  • Giving positive feedback to small sellers and posting about them on your social media


5. It’s important to find a refreshing activity to unwind with after a long day 

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As we continue working from home, we’ve learnt that it’s crucial to find an effective activity that can really unwind your mind and body after a long day. Some things you can try include:

  • Taking a long and warm shower to relax your muscles and thoughts
  • Dedicating a few minutes to stretch or take a walk so you can relieve your body of any strains
  • Turn off all gadgets and enjoy some alone time with a nice, refreshing drink

We get how sometimes, the line between professional and personal life can be quite blurry especially during these hectic WFH days but, don’t worry! Sometimes, all you need to do is sit back and grab yourself a nice, refreshing drink while you give your body the break that it needs. And speaking of which, we’ve got just the drink for you…

Introducing Edelweiss, a new premium wheat beer that is so refreshing, you can Feel The Alps in every sip!


Originating from the Alps of Austria, Edelweiss has kept its traditional all-natural recipe made from the finest ingredients like alpine water and special mountain herbs. With only 4.9% ABV, the smooth taste is not only easy to drink, but also gives a subtle fruity aftertaste. Sounds refreshing, right? 😋



Who cares if the Alps is 10,000km away? With just one sip of Edelweiss, you’ll feel like you’re breathing in the fresh mountain air in no time. You can literally Feel The Alps in the comfort of your own home, guys!

If you’re interested to try it, you’ll be glad to know that Edelweiss is now available for purchase in Peninsular Malaysia! All you need to do is head to Drinkies to order a 4-can pack or 24-can pack and wait for it to be delivered straight to your doorstep!

It’s super convenient, guys. Just sit back, relax and enjoy! 🥂

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be non-Muslim over the age of 21 years old to enjoy Edelweiss and remember to always consume responsibly, okay! For more information on Edelweiss, simply visit their website.


Do you have any other refreshing things you’ve learnt while staying at home? Share with us below!

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