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13 Reasons Why Gamers Are Better Than Average People



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Much has been said over the years about the stereotypical gamer and the notion that society generally has of them is not positive. That has changed in recent years with many studies showing that there are many benefits to playing games, like you needed us to tell you that! Here are 12 reasons why gamers are better than non-gamers.


1. Understand Teamwork

No team building seminars can ever teach you what you learn in countless hours gaming with your buddies.



2. Incredible Focus

Gamers have unbelievable concentration, we see the task at hand and are bent on achieving it regardless of distractions around us!


focus gaming

Kidding, there is no girl. 

forever alone


3. Endless creativity

‘Oh wow, I lost again because your skills are just too good!’… said no one ever! When you lose, either say something short like “GG” and get it over with, or be a sore loser and make up a million excuses on how it wasn’t your bad gaming skills.



4. Quick reflexes

In many video games, a quick reflex is what will separate you from life or death; split second matters! Have you tried playing Counter Strike or Dota with a slow one? It is an absolute nightmare. Naturally, gamers will develop faster reactions to their surrounding.



5. Working under pressure

Most people cannot handle pressure well, but being a gamer, we are often put into situations that can be very stressful. For example, when you are the only survivor of the team and your whole team is counting on you.



6. Critical Thinking Skills

Having been trained to make quick decisions on the fly, you are no stranger to taking charge of the situation when needed or backing off when it is more than you can chew. Gamers will know how to strategize better, being able to make sound judgments quicker, and react accordingly to varying circumstances.


Don’t startle the witches!!!


7. Dedication

Whether it’s leveling up, obtaining rare items or collecting achievements, dedication is what every gamer possesses. Did you think my awesome stats were pure luck? Gamers had to slave upon hours and hours of online gaming and hone their skills to reach where they are today: imba.



8. Better At Multitasking

A study was done on elderly people who had been recruited to play games ended up better at multitasking, retaining more information and had stronger attention skills. Not so sure about the parenting part…



9. Better Vision

A study done by the University of Rochester showed that video games improve vision by making players more sensitive to different shades of color. This is more significant especially among players of first person shooter games.


Oh look, the playstation symbols!


10. Better History Student

Why read about Leonardo Da Vinci when you can hear him talk about how fond he was of the Mona Lisa and be friendzoned by an assassin? Or see the time when the Nazis planted a swastika flag on the moon in Wolfenstein: The New Order? These are the things you’ll never learn about from school.



11. Real life simulations


While some simulators are bullshit, for example the goat simulator or surgeon simulator, there are simulators such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator X that puts you in a real life experience. Gaming has gone to a whole new level with simulators being very articulate that it mimics real life. Heck, I feel like i can land a plane without going to piloting school!

flight simulator


12. Survive a zombie apocalypse


With the tons of zombie games in the market, such as L4D2, Dead Rising, The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, Dying Light, 7 Days To Die and H1Z1 just to name a few, gamers will know a thing or two about zombies.

Bring on the charger, spitter, smoker and boomer! We gamers are ready to whoop their asses!

PS: It’s not too late to look for a gamer boyfriend/girlfriend now!


13. Patience

Ultimately, what’s worse than a zombie apocalypse? A slow internet! *dum dum dum!*

Gamers who play on a slow internet deserve the utmost respect because not everyone can tahan a laggy game. The highest level of gamer will not get upset over a game (although they are dying inside).

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