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12 Things Only People Who Use Tinder Will Understand



12 Things Only People Who Use Tinder Will Understand - World Of Buzz 1

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Ahhh.. The infamous Tinder. Why is it infamous? Well it’s only obvious. Yet most of us use it to find that companionship we crave, be it serious or just something casual.

Either way, swiping away at people has it’s fun or struggles. So if you’ve used Tinder before, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these 12 things.


1. The struggle of messaging first

“So we matched. Should I text him/her first? Then again he/she did swipe me first. What if he/she doesn’t reply??”

These are the usual things that would run through your mind way to often than it should.

community college books finals fml


2. The perfect moment to take your convos somewhere else

It’s a special art form that one needs to grasp. You can’t ask for their Facebook or Whatsapp or other messaging apps too soon else they’d think you’re a creep/weird/desperate. Ask at the right time and moving your conversations to a messaging app at least make you guys eligible to call each other ‘friends’.

But sometimes you think a conversation is going good, both parties are replying well and that’s when you go in for the kill. AND YET, they’d say “let’s just stick to Tinder.” someone blow my brains out PLEASE!

angry nerd table flip magic the gathering


3. Thoughts of being with that person you matched with

Whether it’s just meeting up, going out on dates etc, there’s this plan you thought at the back of your head no matter how far you project it to be. It’s silly yes, but it’s also fun to just think about it.


4. The excitement when you match with someone you really liked

Either it’s someone who you thought was good looking or you really liked their bio, the excitement of being matched with them often comes with a *gasp* and mini flailing.


5. The non-excitement of getting matches after you used Tinder for awhile

Yeah it was fun at first but now it’s just.. boring. and it could even be just after 30 minutes of swiping until you realised that matches aren’t really anything special anymore.


6. The panic when you accidentally swipe right

Ya’ll know what I’m talking about.

Don’t mind me while I quickly undo this and pretended that it never happened. *unmatch*


7. Temporary conversations

How temporary the conversations are on Tinder is crazy. People literally come and go – exchange a few lines before you or they stop replying entirely. You’ll always find yourself finding one good person to talk to after engaging with 10 or more people and the process does get tiring at some point.


8. The regret for swiping left a cutie



9. The guessing game for group pictures

That’s a cool photo, and it’s nice to know you have good friends but which one are you? I think you’re missing the point of this whole app thing here.

wtf firefly plot webcomic i dont even


10. Seeing your friend on Tinder

Ermmm awkwarddddd. Do I swipe right because “Hey friend! Funny to bump into you here.” but then again you don’t want to make it more awkward or create any misunderstanding especially if you weren’t close to that friend to begin with.. Erm I think it’s best if I swipe left and pray he/she never saw me.


11. Going out on a Tinder date

It’s pretty exciting meeting someone for the first time. You never know how the date’s going to turn out. You just put your best face front and hope for the best…andddd also hope that the person isn’t a deranged maniac serial killer.


12. The Irony

Tinder that’s supposed to be an app that give us accompaniment instead makes you feel the most lonely. Not gonna elaborate more, ya’ll know what I’m talking about. #deep


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