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Yuna: “The Biggest Racism and Discrimination I Had was from My Own Race”



Craze over Yuna hugging Usher - World Of Buzz 2

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The pride of Malaysia’s up-and-coming singer Yuna has been taking the heat for having hugged fame rapper Usher during a live performance of the track, ‘Crush’ during The Roots Picnic 2016 gig in Philadelphia, USA, last month.Craze over Yuna hugging Usher - World Of Buzz 3

Amidst the unnecessary ruckus, Yuna responded to the derogatory comments in her very own fashion via an Instagram post (which is now deleted).

She wrote, “Especially for all of you who made me ‘trending’ today. As I said before, I am not here to please anyone, especially a man who does not trust women’s abilities. Criticise me all you want, but when you see me at a mall, you still want a picture with me,” reported Berita Harian, translated by Elle Malaysia.

She accused bloggers of exaggerating the matter in efforts to boost site traffic.

“All because they want the money. Don’t think I don’t know what you do for a living. We’re not stupid. There is one per cent of haters and 99 percent of fans who have been supporting me since I became involved in the music industry, from day one. Don’t even think that I forgot you,” the music artist said.

Never one to forget a good deed from others, Yuna didn’t hesitate to show her gratitude to those who supported, respected her and her profession.

“Thank God, I am here because of your positive aura. Thank you also to the accredited Malay media, who write responsibly and with pride. They came to me kindly to say hello,” she said.

“I pray that God will bless your good heart. You and I have the same thing: patience, and because of that we are able to relate.”

Haters had taken to blog or comment that the Malaysian star was ‘blindly provoked’ while others criticised Usher for not ‘knowing her religion.’

Frankly, who wouldn’t want to hug Usher? It’s Usher for crying out loud?! And it is only a simple, innocent, polite hug between two music artists. 

Yuna later shared another post on Instagram which really put her haters in line. She writes,

Craze over Yuna hugging Usher - World Of Buzz 1

“I remember when this first came out I was so scared of posting it because I knew the extremely rude conservative Malays (mind you I’m conservative too) would attack me for revealing my neck.

Honestly. At this moment I was comfortable. The stylists from Barney’s were kind and respectful of my beliefs and let me wear this beautiful shirt dress. I get to pose with this lovely Punjabi couple along with a fellow half Malaysian model who later became my friend.

People ask me what ethnicity I am I tell them I am Malay. Why can’t you wear a short dress? I tell them I am Muslim.

Someone once told me my experience is mine. No one else is living it. No one has lived it. Outsiders have the illusion that they can tell you how to live your life because- they have lived theirs letting OTHER people tell them how to live.

My father always told me ‘You make your own decision. You can think. Why do you have to listen to other people?’

Isn’t it weird, the biggest racism and discrimination that I’ve ever faced, was never from the Americans – it was from my own race.

There I’ve said it. They call me ‘perempuan sampah’ and tell me to ”might as well go naked’. The worst, hurtful & sexist things I’ve ever had thrown to me, were from the lips of the Malays.

All I can do is be patient. Allah is great. And Alhamdulillah for everything. So this is me. I will wear whatever I want. I will show my appreciation whether it’s a handshake, or a hug, to my friends, this is me. Save your mediocre downgrading religious preach to yourself, they have no meaning to me.

I have some Americans telling me to take my hijab off, and I tell them no. I have some Malays tell me to take my hijab off because ‘from wearing a turban might as well take off your hijab’, I tell them no too.

I am me.

Tada! Expect more candidness from your fun, happy, Yuna.

May it inspire you to be yourself too without letting the toxic people around you define you or how you should be. No regrets, no hard feelings I will continue to empower women and men everywhere as long as I live inshaAllah.

Lepas ni.. no filter! Yay!!”

You go girlllll!

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