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Young Man Hailed A Hero After He Saved Helpless Girl From Pervert Who Masturbated In Front Of Her



Source: Twitter

Well, aren’t we glad that we have a hero like this dude amongst us! 

One day when Kurt Mikhail was on the bus in Singapore, he came across a pervert who was masturbating in front of a helpless girl.

However, instead of just turning a blind eye, he decided to do the right thing and helped the girl out. In a tweet that got more than 4,000 retweets, Kurt wrote,

“If y’all see this sh*t, contact the police immediately and separate the victim from the person. It’s disgusting (that) I had to witness it first hand but I’m glad my mum raised me to not just sit and watch when these things happen.”

“Don’t ever think twice about helping someone in need.”

Here’s the video of the pervert engaging in the disgusting act whilst in public:

Further in the thread, he said that the girl was really frightened and the pervert who was detained by the young fellow was desperately trying to leave the bus.

But, Kurt didn’t back down as he and his friends forcefully kept the man on the bus. You can watch the video of the man frantically trying to leave the bus here: 

They eventually got the girl out of the bus safely as they waited for the police to arrive. At the end of the thread, Kurt finally said that the police turned up and handled the situation, but he isn’t sure if the police did a follow up with the guy. We hope that they did!

On the other hand, the girl’s family thanked Kurt for helping their daughter. Besides that, the girl also shared that she felt a lot better after the situation was dealt with.

After the tweet went viral, many people applauded Kurt for being very brave and doing the right thing. Many netizens praised the young man, saying that his mom raised a good person and that she should be proud of him. We agree! 

Many people dubbed the brave boy a hero for his swift action, and they felt like we need more people like Kurt. Ain’t that the truth! 

Source: Twitter

Well, we sure do hope that Kurt keeps up his good work and continues being the hero that he is. #NotAllHeroWearCapes

On that note, we urge everyone to pay heed to Kurt’s advice and never hesitate to help other people because it does more good than harm.


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