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Why It Sucks To Have A Hot Mom



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People are generally taking better care of themselves these days and it comes as no surprise to hear of youthful looking parents. Here are a few hot moms who is no exception.


Taiwan’s Gym Queen – 43 year old mother of two, Zhang Tingxuan



43 year old Japanese Model – Masako Mizutani who has a daughter in her 20s



42 year old grandmother, Kazuko Inoue


Can you guess which one she is? She’s the one sitting on the right.


While we marvel at their good looks, here’s why it would suck to be their offspring.

1) No Late Night Snacks


Zhang Tingxuan didn’t get her gym queen title by chowing down on late night pizza and greasy fries! So it stands to reason that the healthy habits that they have are being enforced in their households.


2) Your Mom Looks Hotter Than You


While it’s nice to have a mom that you can swap clothes and accessories with, it must be unnerving when people who meet the two of you for the first time ask if you are the older sister. Talk about self-esteem issues.


3) Your Mom Looks Hotter Than Any Of Your Dates


Could you just imagine the look on your girl friend’s face when you introduce her to your mom for the first time?



4) Friends Who Like To Hang Around Your Place

No, not because they like your company…


hot mom


5) The awkward moment when your teacher tries to flirt with your mom

creeper teacher

That time of year, when your mother have to come to school to retrieve your grades are the most dreaded. Suddenly, your bitter forever-alone male teacher becomes Mr. Nice Guy, then you definitely know what’s up.


6) Your mom being your male friends’ topic of conversation


It’s would get pretty annoying and offensive to constantly hear or overhear your male friends talking about your mom. Especially when they mention what they’d like do to her, even jokingly. #eww


7) Stacy’s Mom references

If you don’t know the song then you should probably check it out. Or.. maybe not. (Warning: NSFW)

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