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What Does Prosperity Mean To You? M’sians Reflect On What They’re Thankful For & We Couldn’t Agree More!


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Source: Chinese American Family & WOB

Another year is coming to an end! The past 11-ish months have been packed with both old and new struggles, not to mention that the pandemic hasn’t been great on our income. A couple of Malaysians shared that even though they’re not as financially prosperous as they want to be, they remain upbeat about life.

It’s because they changed their meaning of the word “prosperity” this year – to something that’s more personal, meaningful, and a testament to how their mindset has grown. Read more to find out what their idea of “prosperity” is for the year 2021!


1. Learning that money isn’t everything; thankful for what we do have

Mcdprosperity True Meaning

It’s easy to equate “more money” to “more happiness” (a belief instilled by society anyway), but nothing couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes we get too caught up chasing a good career with higher pay, that we forget the more important things in life, like family, our true passions and experiencing once-in-a-life moments.

We learn to prioritise work-life balance so that we have the best of both worlds. As long as we have enough to pay for all our necessities – a little more would be awesome too – without sacrificing our personal lives, then that’s a life well-lived!


2. Practising #selflove because we deserve it too

Mcdprosperity Self Love

As the modern adage goes, to love someone, you have to learn to love yourself first. Yes, it’s SUPER hard to do that, but now we know that it doesn’t have to happen overnight.

We learned to take baby steps to care for ourselves (something as simple as having the perfect meal can be so life-affirming), and to view everything we’re doing to have a full stomach or never worry about bills as underrated acts of self-love. After all, loving ourselves warts and all is arguably one of the most powerful love there is.


3. Blessed to have family and friends that support us all the way

Mcdprosperity Friendss

Most of our lives were upended as a result of the pandemic, with prospects being crushed to powder and narrowing opportunities. Though our friends and family were equally affected, some of them went out of their way to make sure we’re surviving, even helping us find ways to make ends meet or by bringing us homecooked meals.

If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to reach where we are today. So, be sure to show them your gratitude sometime and treat them to a nice dinner when you’re able!


4. Being responsible to take care of ourselves and our family’s needs

Mcdprosperity Responsibility

Whether it’s sacrificing the entire day to spring clean our parents’ house or prioritising paying our bills before buying what we like, there are simply some things we would never enjoy doing as long as we breathe.

Nevertheless, we subconsciously know that it’s all for the best in the long run, such as knowing that our parents will be comfortable in a clean home or avoiding major life repercussions down the line. Plus, it’s easier to do them when we focus on the impact of those tasks, so that we know what we can accomplish by doing so!


5. Being able to savour simple yet proper meals

Mcdprosperity Proper Food

With so many loans and bills to cover, some of us ended up not being able to enjoy fine dining meals or five-star buffet brunches. Even with the increased costs of living, we’re still thankful for enough funds to enjoy our favourite nasi campur or other hawker stall delicacies that warm our tum tums.

If we feel like treating ourselves for a job well done, we might even splurge a little more by heading over to our favourite fast food restaurant like McDonald’s! Just like those days when we thought fast food was reserved for special occasions.


6. Grateful for good health & loved ones to make more memories with

Mcdprosperity Loved Ones

Sometimes we feel disheartened by our lack of financial prosperity, but we later came to realise one thing: the real wealth is our health. In reality, money can be earned anytime and easily (in the grand scheme of things), but not our health.

Thus, we should never sacrifice our health for money, so that we’ll not only remain spry until our golden years, but we’ll end up creating more time to focus on our loved ones. Time is short, so we must make the most out of it! 

Mcdprosperity Friendsss Duy Pham

Plus, spending our precious time with them doesn’t take up a lot of effort or time to plan either. Instead of going on family vacays (which are still welcome, but only if possible), something as simple as sharing a meal with them is equally as bonding! It’s the perfect time to catch up with everyone, share your struggles and achievements with each other, all while enjoying a fantastic feast together.

Good food, great company, loving and joyful atmosphere – it’s the complete Malaysian package! After all, it’s not what you have, but who you have. This is what McDonald’s Prosperity Burger strives for as 2022 begins.


Woots! The Prosperity Burger is back!

Mcdprosperity Burger Flatlay

This truly Malaysian McDonald’s delicacy returns with the latest theme of “Prosperity, No Matter What”, and we had the opportunity to be one of the first to taste the Prosperity Burger this year (in strict compliance with SOPs, of course #responsibleMsian) on 30 November.

Mcdprosperity Profile Burger 2

The Prosperity Burger is such a classic lah. No wonder it’s been a local favourite for 28 YEARS!

Its signature black pepper sauce glossing over every crevice of our oblong beef patty (or chicken, if you prefer), topped with refreshing onions, all between a classic sesame seed buna simple but oh so effective combo that personifies how the new year tastes!

It’s this specific combination of flavours that Malaysians know they can look forward to every year-end, no matter what. For us, it’s more than just the peppery taste of the Prosperity Burger – it’s a symbol of good things to come; that no matter what happens, we must remain hopeful that everything will turn out okay.

Mcdprosperity Burger Triple
Triple Prosperity Burger = triple the prosperity

As one of the country’s most popular homegrown menu items, the Prosperity Burger continues to be one of McDonald’s Malaysia’s proudest creations. This Malaysian legacy is not only enjoyed by netizens across the country every year but is also being savoured heartily in other parts of the world including Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong.

Whether you’re ordering the Prosperity Burger, the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe™, or the Big Mac™ (we’re salivating just by reading the names!), each and every McDonald’s burger is made with the best quality ingredients that include 100% halal, juicy meat patties, fluffy buns delivered directly from a halal-certified bakery and locally sourced fresh vegetables.


Scan & Win! It’s that easy to be prosperous

Mcdprosperity Burger Opened
McD Twister Fries and Orange McFizz are the perfect pairings to the Prosperity Burger.

To get you even more psyched for 2022, McDonald’s is hosting a “Scan & Win” Gifts of Prosperity Contest from now ’til 5 January. Here’s how you can join:

  1. Buy – and enjoy! – a Prosperity Burger. Each Prosperity Burger comes with its own unique QR code on its wrapper.
  2. Scan the QR code with your smartphone.
  3. Fill in your information.
  4. Receive your new year reward!

Mcdprosperity Qr Code
Don’t forget to scan this QR code! (don’t mind our messy enjoyment)

Mcdprosperity Contest Phone Confirmation
What you should see after submitting your info.

Super simple, kan? And the prizes you can win are pretty prosperous too, like a swanky new Proton X70, Samsung S21+ and more!*

Mcdprosperity Contest Phone

Rank Grand prizes Unit
1 Proton X70 1
2 55” Samsung TV 3
3 Samsung S21+ (256gb) 3
4 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7  5
5 Dyson Air Purifier  5
6 Venu S2 Watch 5
7 Bose Bluetooth Speaker 5

*Each participant can win a maximum of ONE (1) Grand Prize only.

Excited for the new year already? We know we are! As long as we have our loved ones with us, we’re sure that 2022 will turn out just fine.

What are you waiting for? Bring your friends and family to the nearest McD restaurant, Drive-Thru or order via McDelivery to get the Prosperity Burger today! There’s simply no better way to celebrate the new year than with this Malaysian heritage!

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Source: WOB
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