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Watch: M’sian Man Dances With Light-Up Shoes to Distract Opponents in Badminton Game



Source: Facebook

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We recently saw the retirement of one of Malaysia’s most iconic badminton idols, Lee Chong Wei, whose departure has left the sporting world with a huge vacancy and the opportunity for someone new to step up. We might have found that someone new, someone… with a personality that will be appreciated by people with acquired tastes.

Cho Fikri Arif took to Facebook to share a video taken at a badminton court of a really great, though somewhat one-sided badminton match. The reason it’s one-sided is that one player seems to be dominating not just the other team, but also his own teammate.

But that’s not why he’s captured everyone’s attention. In what looked like an attempt to psyche out the opposing team, not only did he wear the weirdest outfit in the world, paired with light-up shoes, but he also danced and pranced, and even looked like he was imitating a confused tyrannosaurus for a second.

Ajer Biadap, Kuat Menganjingnya… HeheheheheTapi Power 🤘#CFA

Posted by Cho Fikri Arif on Monday, July 8, 2019

Cho captioned the video with, “Rude, strong at taunting hehehehe, but powerful.”

Powerful refers to the fact that the player truly monopolized the game, while his teammate only managed to assist minimally.

His horseplay has since captured the attention of netizens, who took to the comment section to share their divided thoughts. Some saw strategy and potential beyond his behaviour.

Source: Facebook

This comment reads, “Tactics to confuse the enemy. Can copy!”

Source: Facebook

This comment goes, “Next time we’re playing badminton styled like this. But he’s so good!”

Other netizens, on the other hand, saw his silliness as unnecessary and frustrating while a small group were just completely distracted by his shoes.

Source: Facebook

This comment says, “Wins on the court, but gets beat up outside the court.”

Source: Facebook

This comment reads, “Just watching this makes me want to throw a chair into the court.”

Source: Facebook

This comment goes, “Shoes that have lights, where do I find these?”

But as divided as netizens were due to his weird moves, it was clear that his skills and talent outweighed it all. Who knows, maybe if coaches and fans can overlook his obsessive taunting, he could possibly be the next Lee Chong Wei. Maybe.

Cho’s posting has since garnered over 6,500 shares.

Where do you get those light-up shoes in adult sizes anyways? 


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