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Video: Bodybuilder Tries To Bench Press 220kg But Suffers Severe Injuries Instead



Source: Larry Wheels l Instagram

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Disclaimer: Reader discretion is advised. 

We all know that working out comes with the possibility of sustaining injuries, be it big or small. This can be prevented by having proper form and a great guide. However, a gym is also a place where people challenge themselves to push their physical and mental boundaries.

An amateur bodybuilder by the name of Ryan “Big Rig” Crowley, who has amassed a big following, sustained a gruesome injury at the gym while attempting a 220kg bench press.

The video depicts his 220kg bench press attempt and it shows the exact moment his pec muscles gave up on him. Warning: This video is quite graphic. 

When the incident happened, Ryan was seen screaming in pain and immediately slid away from the weights. Thankfully, a renowned bodybuilder by the name of Larry Wheels was there to help.

In fact, Larry Wheels set up a Go Fund Me page to fund Ryan’s surgery. In an Instagram post, Ryan says:

“I had my surgery last night and am now recovering. The surgery was only meant to be one hour but it, unfortunately, took four hours. It took longer than expected because Dr Shine had to completely reconstruct my pec as I tore the tendon off the bone and then the muscle off the tendon. I also had a minor tear in my bicep. Dr also had some issues reattaching the tendon due to my bones being so dense. My bones broke the tools used to reattach the tendon. I am now in hospital for a few more days. Hopefully, I will be able to start my rehabilitation in a few weeks.”

In his most recent post, Ryan mentions that he has been discharged from the hospital and is beginning his journey towards recovery.

“I’m still in a lot of pain right now, my whole body is swollen from my toes to my hands. My stomach is extremely bloated and has a sack of fluid and inflammation which literally wobbles as I move.”

We wish Ryan the best during his recovery!


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