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Tun M Says No Holiday for Cabinet Ministers on Labour Day, Asks Them to Work Instead



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Source: The Malaysian Reserve

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While most of us will be having the day off tomorrow (1st May) in conjunction with International Labour Day, that’s not the case for our Cabinet ministers as our current PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has told them to come to the Prime Minister’s office to work. Looks like there’s no rest for them! 

In fact, Tun M has requested them to do their homework by preparing a paper on issues relating to their respective ministries. This paper must then be presented to him one by one when they come in to work tomorrow. According to The Star, the presentation will take place from 2pm until an “indefinite” time in Putrajaya. Hope they won’t have to stay back too long on a public holiday! 

This was revealed by HR Minister M. Kulasegaran at a get-together session with the Malaysian diaspora on 29 April. Even the Ipoh Barat MP had to postpone his plans with his wife, who’s also coming to KL from Ipoh. He was quoted as saying,

“I’m also excited (to celebrate May Day). My wife also is coming to Kuala Lumpur. After that we (plan to) drive back to Ipoh. We will spend one or two days there and I will come back to Kuala Lumpur.”

He further explained how Tun M announced that they had to report for duty on Labour Day, saying,

“He (Dr Mahathir) decided last Wednesday like this: You all have the (May Day) rally and everything… finish…take two hours rest and (after that) all of you come to PM’s office.”

After hearing the announcement, the Cabinet ministers apparently wanted to say that they are not agreeable to presenting the papers on 1st May, but Kulasegaran pointed out that Tun M is anxious to get things done at his age of 93. “We were just looking at each other and said God tell me… what is happening,” he jokingly added.

That said, Kulasegaran said Tun M is “one of the driving forces” and that he “works like three ministers put together”, which makes him and the other ministers wonder whether Tun M had been lying about his age. “I think he is only 60. Really industrious. I can’t believe that there is this kind of a man. So overwhelmed,” he quipped.

As for Kulasegaran, he will reportedly be preparing a paper on job creation. Let’s hope this will solve the issue of fresh grads still being jobless!

Well, what we can we say, Tun M is really a hard worker who wants things to move fast. Hence, no rest day for any Cabinet minister!

Will you be having the day off on Labour Day tomorrow? Or will you be working as per usual like the Cabinet ministers (and some of us)? If you’re curious as to how Tun M is still sharp at 93 years old, read the article below! 


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