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To Scan Or Not To Scan In Petrol Stations? We Called CPRC To Find Out And They Said “Scan!”


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Source: Oriental Daily & Automology

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Before we launch into this discussion, let’s go through the timeline of events that led to all this confusion in the first place.

Yesterday (9 November), there were reports about a man who was allegedly fined RM1,000 for failing to register at a petrol station using the MySejahtera app even though he was wearing a mask and did not enter the store. This sent the public into a frenzy as there was no clear SOPs announced on this matter and many believed that citizens don’t need to scan MySejahtera or check-in to premises if it’s just for a short while.

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Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department deputy director DCP Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid told China Press that as long as individuals go to the petrol station, it is mandatory to register with the MySejahtera app or risk being fined.

Two news publications challenged this notion this morning (10 November) after both sources said they sighted an email by the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) earlier this morning. The news portals claimed that the email said “brief encounters such as filling petrol at pump stations or while making payments do not require MySejahtera scanning”.

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We called the CPRC hotline 

So does that mean we have to scan or not? Amidst all this confusion, World of Buzz decided to uncover the truth for you readers. We got not one, but FOUR writers to personally call the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC), a division under the Ministry of Health (MOH) to get some clarification on this matter once and for all. Here’s how those conversations went:


Conversation #1

Writer V: I want to check something. If I go to the petrol station but don’t enter the shop because I just want to fill petrol, do I still have to scan MySejahtera?
Operator: Of course you have to scan.
Writer V: But there are news reports saying we don’t have to.
Operator: Oh you mean those that were published earlier today? From CPRC MKN. There was an issue with that. The truth is you must scan in all public spaces. A statement might be released later.

Conversation #2

Writer T: Hi, there was a case viral yesterday about the person getting fined for not scanning MySejahtera. I would like to confirm, is there a need to scan MySejahtera if I visit the petrol station?
Operator: Hi, yes, you MUST scan MySejahtera. This is to enable contact tracing in case of any emergencies.
Writer T: Thank you so much for confirming! 

Conversation #3

Writer R: Hi there, I just wanted to check, would I need to scan MySejatera if I were to go to pump petrol at a petrol station but I don’t enter their premises?
Operator: Yes, you do.
Writer R: So, even if I don’t enter the premises, I will have to scan?
Operator: Yes, even when just pumping petrol outside, you will have to scan.
Writer R: Alrighty, thank you so much!

Conversation #4

Writer E: I read an article this morning saying if I go to fill up petrol at the station, I don’t need to scan MySejahtera. Is this true?
Caller: Not true. MKN already said that you have to scan MySejahtera whenever you are out in public spaces even if it’s for a short while to enable contact tracing.
E: So the information in the article is false?
Caller: Yes, the source was misinformed.
Scan to be safe!
So there you have it guys. You MUST scan MySejahtera and check-in in public spaces even if it’s just for a short while. But don’t just take it from us, feel free to call CPRC yourself following the numbers here to get further clarification if you need it!
All in all, it’s best to just scan and check-in whenever you’re out in any public spaces to be safe. After all, it literally takes a few seconds and can save you RM1,000 and potentially your life too.
Source: Automology

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