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Thrifty M’sians Share Why You Should Always Shop with Debit & Credit Cards, Especially During Festive Seasons


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Source: Pickawood & Kiwis

Many Malaysians tend to perceive bank cards as tickets to high interest and endless debts. While irresponsible use of credit cards can lead to huge debts, it doesn’t mean that we should stay away from bank cards altogether!

In fact, when used carefully, bank cards bring about various benefits. Let’s find out why thrifty Malaysians love using bank cards for their daily spending!


1. Earn more interest

When you use cash, your money is spent right away. Although debit cards also make fast payments, there are debit cards that are linked to interest-earning accounts, which allows users to earn monthly interests that are accessible through their debit cards.

On the other hand, when you make credit card purchases, your money remains in your account until you pay your credit card bill. Since your money spends more time in your bank account, you’ll get to earn some extra cash during the grace period. These interests can easily add up to a meaningful amount over time!

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2. Reload e-wallets without any hassle

Using e-wallets has become a norm in Malaysia. From online shopping to purchasing goods and services in physical stores, most consumers prefer using e-wallets that offer boundless convenience. With just a simple scan on our smartphones, we can make secure and trackable payments using e-wallets!

Pairing your e-wallet with debit or credit cards brings your cashless experience to a whole new level. It allows you to pay for goods and services even when there is not enough balance in your e-wallet. Additionally, the auto-reload function tops up your e-wallet balance directly from your bank account. This way, you’ll never run out of money at the cashier!

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3. Prevent payment frauds and losses

When your wallet is stolen, your cash is gone and irretrievable. Debit cards can protect your savings against theft, as your six-digit pin is required to withdraw money from ATM machines, and a one-time password (OTP) is required for any online transaction. You can also call your bank to freeze your stolen debit card and reissue a new card.

To boost card usages, credit card networks such as Visa and Mastercard offer zero liability coverage for all unauthorized transactions. This comes in handy when your card is used fraudulently. All you have to do is to call your credit card company and cancel all transactions that you didn’t make. Besides, you can also cancel credit card transactions that you’ve willingly made. This allows you to dispute the charges if your purchases are later found damaged.

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4. Build credit score overtime 

While using cash does not contribute to building credit scores, spending with a credit card responsibly is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your credit score over time. Your credit score can be improved by paying credit card bills on time, keeping your credit balance small, and increasing your spending limit. 

People with good credit scores will enjoy benefits such as finding housing easily – be it renting or buying. Most utility companies, cell phone providers, and insurance companies will also determine your eligibility based on your credit score and credit history.

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5. Enjoy generous cashbacks and rewards

Most banks offer one-time rewards when you open a new bank account or sign up for a new bank card. These rewards usually come in the form of free gifts and bonuses that can be claimed after you meet the minimum funding of your new account. 

There’s nothing like a credit card when it comes to cashbacks and rewards — they rebate your spending in the form of cashbacks. Additionally, credit cards also allow cardholders to earn and accumulate points as they spend. When the earning thresholds are met, these points can be used to redeem a wide array of rewards, including travel, gift cards, electronics, and more! Better yet, more and more debit cards have joined the rewards game, offering cashbacks and rewards similar to those of credit cards.

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With the new year in full swing, you might still be on some shopping spree. This would be the perfect chance for you to utilise your bank cards and reap as many benefits as you can! Plus, we’ve also heard of a certain bank that is offering crazy good rewards with their cards…

From today until 28th February 2022, Malaysians can participate in the UOB Year End 2021 Campaign to win cashbacks and prizes worth more than RM500k

2021 Yec Branchtv Slide Plasmatvatbankinghall

If you’re already a UOB cardholder, simply register here to win amazing cashback and prizes when you spend using UOB bank cards! Spend a minimum of RM50 to earn RM8 cashback (up to RM40), and every RM100 spend made would earn you an entry to win the following prizes:

  • 3x Grand Prizes: RM50k cashback, RM3k Petron fuel card, Europe trip for two pax
  • 3x First Prizes: RM30k cashback, RM2k Petron fuel card, OGAWA MySOFA Luxe
  • 6x Second Prizes:  RM10k cashback, RM1k Petron fuel card
  • 100x Consolation Prizes: RM1k cashback, RM200 Petron fuel card

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But if you’re not currently using UOB bank cards, don’t worry! You can easily open a savings account on the UOB Mighty App and enjoy all benefits of the UOB Year End 2021 Campaign. What’s more, new UOB account holders can earn up to RM50 bonus interest AND RM50 Shopee vouchers when they purchase with a UOB Debit Card! New account holders who apply and spend with UOB Credit Card can enjoy even more Shopee vouchers worth up to RM188!

Sounds awesome, right? But wait, that’s not all! 🤩

In conjunction with the UOB Savings Bonanza Campaign, customers who open savings accounts via the UOB Mighty App before 31st January 2022 are entitled to more rewards. Besides getting rewards worth up to RM288, they can also get ten bonus entries to win prizes of the UOB Year End 2021 Campaign with a minimum average balance of RM1,000 in their savings account! 🎉


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Can’t wait to earn rewards? Follow these simple steps to open a UOB savings account now!

Uob Oa 5Steps Open Accfaol


Haven’t downloaded the UOB Mighty App? Don’t worry, you can find the app on the following platforms:


It’s already the beginning of 2022, guys. Let’s be smart shoppers and earn as we spend! Spend using your UOB Credit or Debit Cards and bring home some AMAZING prizes! For more information regarding the campaigns, visit UOB.my/YEC and UOB.my/288


UOB is a member of PIDM
UOB Deposits are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor 

Source: Ridofranz
Source: Pickawood
Source: fizkes

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