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Tahfiz School In Kelantan Receives Rotten Food As Donations, Malaysians Are Outraged



Source: OHBULAN! (Facebook)

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Donating is always a good thing, but maybe you shouldn’t just give away leftover food.

On 15 December, a Facebook post was shared by OHBULAN! detailing how a Tahfiz school had received stale and rotten food as a donation. The food that was donated was leftover dishes from parties or feasts.

Although many of these donations stem from not wanting to waste the leftover food, by the time they arrive at the school the food has already gone stale and can’t be eaten.

“Even more unfortunate, overnight students slept with the smell of sour and stinky dishes. In the morning, the students had to resolve the issue by washing all the dishes,” the post reads.

The post goes on to explain that this is actually a weekly occurrence. It’s not that they wish to be arrogant or turn down the food, but if it’s stale what can you do about it?

“I often say if you love tahfiz students or really want to share food with us, send them at noon when the dishes are still hot and appetizing,” the post continues.

“If busy we can come to pick it up. But if you fear the food is not enough.. you don’t have to worry about us. Even in Madrasah, we cook every day.”

The post started gaining more traction after it was brought to the attention of netizens after Twitter user Dyeana (@dyeanarose) shared her frustrations in a Tweet.

“There is a post on FB saying that people send endless party dishes to madrasah/tahfiz because they do not want to throw away excess/waste. But when you send more fish, at 6-7 pm the fish is stale. Every week they face this thing,” she writes.

After the post started circulating online, netizens voiced out their frustrations for the Tahfiz school and urged everyone to start donating wisely.

“I’ve worked in a Tahfiz school before… it’s true that they don’t accept leftover food as donations. If you want to donate, please give new food. It’s not that they’re ungrateful but it’s just that he doesn’t want this problem to happen… And these kids deserve to eat new food…”

“If my mom orders catering for a house event, she will always make sure to order an extra serving for the Tahfiz school near my home. And when the food arrives at our house, we will send the extra serving straight to the school. If you want to do a good deed, then you have to do it right.”

Many also reminded others that this also applies to clothes, too, and not just food. “If you’re unable to wear it … or eat it … why do you think someone else would?” one wrote in a Tweet.

So the next time you’re looking to donate a shirt you don’t wear anymore or just some food, think twice!

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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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