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Stranger Pretends To Be ‘Cousin’ & ‘Class Teacher’ In An Attempt To Prey On M’sian Girl



Source: Syncsite & Mohd Fadli Salleh | Facebook

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A teacher from Pasir Putih, Kelantan took to his Facebook account to remind others to be aware that there are strangers out there who pretend to be someone else in an attempt to trick children.

Mohd Fadli Salleh wrote that a father and his two children came to his shop one day to buy headphones and repair their screens. When they saw Fadli, they decided to hang out and have a chat. He said he knows the father quite well and has been teaching his children for the past 10 years.

Fadli said that the father, Amir (pseudonym) expressed concern over his daughter’s safety after a stranger pretended to be a ‘cousin’ and a ‘class teacher’ in attempts to possibly kidnap his daughter.


Text message from ‘cousin’

He told Fadli that sometime last week, the daughter’s class teacher received a text message from a stranger, who introduced himself as the girl’s ‘cousin’. The suspect told the teacher that he was picking the girl up from school due to family matters.

“Assalamualaikum teacher, I’m the cousin. If it’s allowed, I would like to pick her up due to family matters. How, teacher? Is it allowed?” the text message said. 

The teacher then called Amir and informed him about it. He was shocked because he never told anyone to fetch his daughter from school and he did not have any family matters to settle.

Amir became worried and rushed to pick his daughter up from school.


Text message from ‘class teacher’

A few days later, the suspect tried his luck again. This time, he pretended to be the girl’s class teacher.

He told Amir that his daughter needed to be in school to complete a project given by the teacher, and told him that her friends were already waiting for her.

“Are you coming to school or not this afternoon? Because one group of friends are already waiting at school to do the project that I gave. This project must be submitted tomorrow during my class. Thank you and please reply,” the text message said. 

Fortunately, Amir was wise enough and did not panic. He called his daughter’s real class teacher to clarify the matter and found out that the teacher did not send such a message.

After investigating, Amir realised the number from the ‘cousin’ and the ‘class teacher’ were the same.

Mohd Fadli said in his post that a police report has been lodged and hopes that the suspect will be arrested soon.

“Be careful everyone. Even during the month of fasting, there are imposters and criminals who want to do bad things to our children,” he said.

Parents, do be wary of these predators! 


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