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Roadside Sambal Seller Moved To Tears After Receiving RM600 Tip



Source: Youtube

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As unemployment rates continue to increase as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have definitely seen an increase of Malaysians battling through hardships in an effort to feed their family.

Opting to deliver food or become an e-hailing driver, we are indeed amazed at how strong people are in weathering the storm and becoming extra resourceful in finding ways to make a living.

One of those individuals worth mentioning is a sambal seller who peddles his product in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Like many others, Abang Azhar who earns a living by selling sambal was met with a Youtuber by the name of Azfar Badrul, who not only bought his product but gave him alms to help him with his struggle.

The video which went viral after it was shared on social media witnessed Azfar Badrul, who is known for his philanthropic endeavours helping out sellers struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, met up with Abang Azhar to purchase his product upon recommendation of his viewers.

Out of work due to an accident he suffered, Azhar’s source of income came only by selling his wife’s sambal, with a burdening cost of living hindering him from getting further treatment and paying for his son’s school fees.

“I make around RM80 a day.”

Upon purchasing his sambal, Azfar took out RM600 and gave it to Azhar, who became awestruck by the amount he received.

Tearing up, he continued to insist that all he wanted was to sell his sambal “Saya jual sambal je. (I only sold you sambal.)”

Azfar responded, “Don’t cry abang because if you cry, I cry.”

After passing him the money, Azfar shared his words of hope that Azhar will continue to stay strong despite the burden that he has to carry as the sole breadwinner for his family.

Let’s hope that there will be more Azfar’s out there, who gives struggling entrepreneurs much hope to weather these trying times.


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Source: Youtube

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