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PSA: These M’sians Remind Us Why We Should Appreciate Our Food Delivery Riders



Source: Simon Shashi (Facebook) & Artista Central

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We can often take food delivery services for granted with how convenient they are, especially while we’re facing a global pandemic.

Recently, two Malaysians reminded us that we should always treat our food delivery riders with more appreciation as their jobs aren’t as easy as it may seem!

In a Facebook post, Simon Shashi recounts a food order he made on Grab after receiving urgent work from home. But as soon as his order was placed, it started to rain quite heavily.

“I was too worried, not for the food but for the Delivery guy because the rain was extremely heavy. I saw his movement on the map where he stopped for a few minutes under a bridge before continuing his delivery through the heavy rain,” he wrote.

When the delivery guy finally arrived Simon tried inviting him inside to dry off but he refused. Instead, the Grab delivery rider replied and said: “If I do that, I won’t be able to earn money boss,” before handing him his order with a big smile.

“I know it’s their job to deliver food but I feel so bad at the same time to see him coming for me in that heavy rain,” he continues.

“The reason I’m sharing this is to remind us all that their job is not easy. When you order food online and if your delivery turns out a bit late, do not show face to them (muka mcm kena gigit dgn anjing [lit: the face you make like you got bit by a dog]).”

Simon reminds all Malaysians that a delivery rider’s job isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and that we should tip our riders every time we get the chance! He ends his post by sharing the contact information of his Grab rider to shine some spotlight on him for his exemplary work.


“I’m taking this opportunity to thank all the Food Delivery guys (front-liners) for the hard work. God bless you all.”

Another Malaysian, Lav also shared her experience with another GrabFood rider in a Twitter post. In her tweet, she writes: “A relationship is 50-50. My GrabFood guy delivers my food in the rain and I give him milo box and brownies.”

Speaking to World of Buzz, Lav believes that people sometimes take it for granted the hard work and struggle delivery riders have to go through just to deliver us our food.

“Personally, I think a lot of us are so much more reliant on GrabFood riders than we realise,” she told us.

“Especially during the MCO, we’ve all definitely been eating way more and GrabFood riders allow us to have a change from our usual home-cooked food that can get a bit boring after a while.”

So, next time you order food delivery, don’t be snarky or rude just because your order took a while to arrive. Driving and riding around all day long and in the pouring rain is tiring too!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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