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Pretty M’sian Cop Epically Trolls Rude Man Who Accused Her of Stealing His iPhone



M'sian Policewoman Epically Trolls Rude Owner Who Accused Her of Stealing His iPhone - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook/ IB Times India

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Remember Irene, the gorgeous policewoman who went viral on social media last year? Well, she is definitely one of the prettiest policewomen in Malaysia if we’re honest, but don’t be fooled by her appearance as a soft-spoken lady because she can be quite unapologetic if needed to.

Just last week, Irene posted on Facebook sharing how she dealt with an ungrateful and rude person, and netizens were swept away by her savagery (and prettiness)!

Source: Facebook

On 9 March, Irene stumbled upon an iPhone 8+, and she picked it up and waited for the owner to call the phone. Soon, the owner called and weirdly asked Irene to deliver it back to him.

Irene said, “I’m sorry but I’m very busy at the moment. Can you please come and collect it yourself?”

The man replied, “You should send it to me. I know you are the thief who stole my phone. If you don’t send it to me, I will report to the police. I’m using the ‘Find My iPhone’ software.”

Bruh, she is the cop!

Source: Facebook

Besides being impolite, the man also used a lot of vulgar words in the conversation, which irritated Irene. Instead of stooping to his level, she just replied, “Okay, I will continue with my work then. Bye bye.” 

She then wrote on Facebook,

“You can take your time and go to the dustbin to find your iPhone. There’s still 83 per cent of battery left, and I didn’t switch off the phone. Good luck with that!” 

Netizens were mesmerised by how cool she was, and the post was shared over 2,000 times in just three days! Needless to say, some guys got itchy in the comment section.

“Officer, I’ve just come across RM100 on the road. How should I give it to you? I want to lodge a police report,” a male netizen said.

“Did you put the phone on silent mode before throwing it into the dustbin?,” another Facebook user asked. 

It’s unsure whether the owner got his iPhone 8+ back. If he doesn’t get it back eventually, that would teach him a lesson to be nice and grateful to those who’ve helped him. Good luck, man! 


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