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Pahang Mother & Baby Rushed To Hospital After Durian Fell on the Both of Them



Source: Harian Metro & Source: Harian Metro

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This is so tragic!

A baby and mother, unfortunately, had rotten luck as a durian fell on both of them at their house yesterday (31st July), at Felda Jengka 17, Jengka, reported Harian Metro.

The father, Megat Zarulfais Megat Kamaruddin, said that the injuries to his son are not as bad as the one on his wife. His wife had bruises on her chest due to the thorns of the King of Fruit, which weighed less than 1kg.

Retelling the story, the wife, Norfarahan Baharuddin, was carrying her baby, Megat Muhammad Kays, on a stroll at their lawn after the youngest of the two siblings started to cry.

“While carrying Megat Muhammad Kays, my wife heard the sound of the fruit falling before she ran away. If durian falls, normally it will fall onto the other branches,” said the father.

“It was a coincidence that she heard it, hence she quickly ran away, afraid of being hit with the chips and pieces of the branch and fruit.”

“But it was fate from Allah that the fruit fell onto my wife and son. It’s not like she went out searching for the durian, it was a coincidence that the tree was just right next door to our house.”

Source: Harian Metro

“The durian fell on my wife first, then it bounced on to my baby. If it directly fell on top of the head, maybe my son would suffer an even worse injury than this,” said Megat Zarulfais.

According to him, no one had wanted for the incident to happen. Not to mention that the durian fell towards her direction after colliding to the other branches.

As a result of misunderstandings, Megat Zarulfais said that the public had bashed his wife for bringing his son to the orchard while searching for durian.

Source: Harian Metro

“For those who don’t know the true story, please don’t make assumptions as you wish,” he said when contacted by Harian Metro.

The father had also added that his son was allowed to be discharged from Jengka Hospital following the determination that his injuries are not as serious as his wife’s.

“My wife and sons live at that house while I work at Kuala Lumpur.”

“I consider this to be a test from Allah to our family,” he said.

When asked for the condition of Megat Muhammad Kays, he said that his son has become active like the usual.

“I accept whoever that bashed us was because they probably didn’t know the full story. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their prayers for Megat Muhammad Kay’s health.”

We hope for a speedy recovery for both the wife and baby. Do remember to always be aware and attentive with your surroundings to avoid the occurrence of such an unfortunate incident.


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