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OKU Child Dragged, Kicked & Stepped On By Adopted Father, Dies From Internal Bleeding & Blood Loss


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Source: MalayaChronicles & OhMedia

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They say parents of special needs children don’t have to make their lives fair, they just have to make them joyful. And it isn’t exactly hard to make life joyful as all you need to show them is love, which doesn’t cost anything.

Unfortunately for one child with special needs, not only did their adoptive father not show them any affection, but they also endured such severe abuse that it ultimately resulted in the child’s death. As shared by lawyer Aminahtul Marrdiah (LYSA) (@minmdnor) onto her Twitter account, she recalls the abuse that the child had to endure before their untimely death.

Aminahtul wrote, “A disabled child who couldn’t walk. They had their arm bent and twisted until they vomited. They were dragged into the house from outside until they were lying on the ground. They were kicked in the back of the waist and stepped on multiple times in the abdomen.”

She retells the entire story in the thread.

“This is based on an eyewitness who was hanging out their clothes about 15 feet away from the incident. The eyewitness saw the man bending the arm of the child, who screamed and cried though, their screams were not clear. The child was sitting on a chair at the time. While bending the child’s arm, the adoptive father was apparently scolding the child until they vomited.”

Things then escalated as the adoptive father tried to get the child into the house but the child could not walk.

“The adoptive father seemed to become more agitated and pulled the child down from the chair, before dragging the child on the ground towards their house while muttering abusive words at the child. The child was being dragged because they could not walk. The man then stopped dragging the child at the entrance of their house and started kick the child in the back,”

“He also then proceeded to step on the child’s abdomen and stomach multiple times in anger. The child, at that point, looked too withered to react to the man’s abuse as they must have been so weak.”

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Source: grademiners

Seeing that the child was no longer responding, the adoptive father then picked up the child and THREW the child into the house. 

“He had apparently also kicked the poor child in the back after they were inside the house. Imagine the condition of the child who was still so young but yet, is put in such a position. Pathologists have spoken out, stating that the child was not only ridiculously skinny, but their skeletal frame was also clearly bent and had a very narrow abdomen known as ‘cachexic’, due to starvation and chronic diseases.

Doctors have clarified that the child’s cause of death was not only the trauma from being kicked and stepped on, which caused internal bleeding, but also due to loss of blood.

The adoptive father has since appeared before the High Court and has been sentenced to death because of his crimes.

Aminahtul’s posting has since garnered over 151 retweets.

Honestly, if you don’t have the heart or patience to take care of disabled children, please surrender them to the authorities who can ensure their safety and well-being.

The poor child can finally rest in peace now. 


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