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Nestle to Launch World’s First Sugar-Free Milo in June 2019 & We Can’t Wait to Taste It!



Nestle Will Be Launching Sugar-Free Milo In Response to Government's Sugar Tax - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Carousell / Asia Nikkei

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Milo is one of our nation’s favourite drinks but the sweetness can be overpowering at times, especially if you forget to specify ‘kurang manis’ when ordering it, which is why we’re delighted to hear that Nestle has plans to introduce the world’s first sugar-free Milo beverage!

Source: Asia Nikkei

According to Asia Nikkei, the new sugar-free Milo beverage is already available at certain 7-Eleven stores in Thailand but only in very limited quantity. The full roll-out will take place as early as June 2019, though we’re not sure when it will hit our shores in Malaysia.

Despite the sugar-free content, consumers can still taste a little bit of sweetness from its milk constituents and malt. If you prefer the sweeter version, you can always add more sugar according to your taste buds!

If you’re wondering why the world’s biggest food company by revenue has chosen Thailand to launch the sugar-free Milo, it’s because Thailand is one of the top sugar-producing countries in the world due to its sugar cane cultivation. As such, the obesity and diabetes rate has been increasing steadily for the past few years up to a point where the government is not able to absorb the massive medical costs anymore.

To curb this problem, the Thai government has introduced a sugar tax in 2017 with the hope that manufacturers such as Nestle can develop sugar-free or low-sugar products to help combat diabetes. For your information, Malaysia will be implementing this tax as well in July 2019.

Do you think the sugar-free Milo would be a hit among Malaysians? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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