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Mysterious Wooden Box May Hint Alien Existence



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* All images credit to TramStopDan2

One Redditor, TramStopDan2 recently posted a series of bizarre pictures found inside a mysterious wooden box which became widely circulated in social media. He claimed that his friend discovered this mysterious wooden box inside the dumpster while taking out the trash one day. What’s shocking is that inside the wooden box, he found a collection of mystifying documents detailing some form of extraterrestrial being.

Over 100 photos were posted but the origin of the documents still remains unclear. There are no details of the author nor any clues of where all of this came from. One can only wonder in uncertainty if this is a work of fiction or if there is really “something” otherworldly out there.


Behold the Box Of Crazy. Stylishly vintage for all hipsters out there.

wooden box

Here’s the first of the many text documents found in the wooden box. This one speaks about strange clouds and otherworldly life form. Whoever wrote this seem to have a really good coordination for being able to write so neatly in straight line. It also comes with both the corrected copy and original piece of the content.

page 1

“Nicely lettered and drawn, useful information.”


There are also very detailed and large patent drawings for some sort of mechanical device.

device 1

device 2

device 3

device 4

The documents also consist of maps.

map 1

More maps…

map 5

…and even more maps. There’s some serious map obsession going on here.


Strangely consistent, all these maps have a marked hole in the center as if they were to be overlaid on something else.

map 4

Perhaps someone is tactically planning for world-domination?

map 3

Then things start to get weird. This seems to be the artist’s personal encounter with the otherworldly beings in Tampa, FL in 1977.

alien encounter

Apparently this is how it begins.


Here’s possibly one of the cloud creatures as mentioned in the earlier documents.

alien 1

alien 5

Along with some of its other winged friends.

alien 3

alien 4

alien 6

Looks like they are performing some kind of ritual. Perhaps this is where they live?

worship 1

There are also several of these cut-out pieces, possibly to be placed somewhere.

cutout 1

A trendy cow with a helmet.

trendy cow


Their technology appears to be light years beyond ours. Definitely plus points for swag though for their cheetah-looking train and giant wheel-looking flying saucer.


Again more swag points for team alien. Wait…doesn’t this look a little familiar? Could this be related to the patent drawings?


Are they constructing some kind of war machine?


festival 1

festival 2

This is where we start to lose our minds. We can’t brain this.

weird 1

weird 2


How do we even put this into words?

weird 3

weird 4

weird 5

The biggest clue in the wooden box. Military service during WWII?



Here’s how we feel about this…

cray shit

That shit cray!

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