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M’sians Left Confused After KKM Tags MKN At Every Request For Total Lockdown In Selangor



Source: KKMalaysia|Twitter

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Is there some insider drama we’re not aware of?

With the rising number of positive cases and deaths in Selangor, it’s no surprise that Selangorians are demanding a full lockdown for a short period of time to lower down the cases. This was fuelled by the Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba’s statement saying that the Ministry of Health (KKM) will be suggesting that the government tighten the SOPs and implement a ‘full MCO’ in Selangor if KKM is unable to control the number of cases.

When KKM announced the number of Covid-19 cases on their Twitter account yesterday, panicked Selangorians requested KKM to implement a full lockdown to avoid a sudden rise in cases. However, instead of responding to these statements, the KKM Twitter account simply decided to tag the National Security Council’s Twitter account (MKN).

“Just implement a total lockdown again to reduce the cases and stabilise the situation. If it just remains like this, how long will the situation persist especially with many people not listening to advices.”

“Dear KKM, please implement a total lockdown like the MCO 1.0 before we’re paralysed with the overwhelming number of cases. From a frontliner, please advise the government.”

“Total lockdown please. Unlike the MCO we have now.”

“Please implement a full lockdown.”

After a series of these “tags”, Malaysians started to suspect that there was some internal drama going on in the Ministry of Health (KKM) which lead to them calling for a response from the MKN. Soon after that, KKM themselves clarified saying that the purpose of them tagging MKN was to find a solution after discussing together in the MKN meeting.

As of now, MKN has yet to respond to these claims while the KKM Twitter account has disabled the comments section. This hasn’t stopped Malaysians from speculating that there is probably going to be a big announcement from MKN coming soon.

Can we expect a full lockdown in Selangor? Let us know in the comments section!


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