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M’sian Woman Meets M’sian Man While Overseas & Falls in Love, Gets Pregnant & Scammed Out of RM20K


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It’s not exactly rare to meet a fellow Malaysian while overseas, and when you do, it immediately comes with a sense of community and instant friendship.

With that being said, why ruin a relationship with a fellow Malaysian you met overseas by scamming them?

A Malaysian woman took to the XUAN Play Facebook page to share how she met a Malaysian man while in China, only to fall in love with him and later get scammed out of more than RM20,000.

Scam 1

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She wrote, “Last October, I met a man named Chen. He is 27-years-old and works for a famous technology company in China. We met on a foreign trip. At that time, I went abroad alone to relax after having my heart broken. He helped me when I got lost. Because of similar interests, we became travel companions. During the trip, he patiently listened to my thoughts and accompanied me silently, and soon, we fell in love.”

Despite there being a distance between them, as he worked in China and she returned to Malaysia, their relationship was going strong.

“During Chinese New Year in February this year, he took me back to his hometown in Johor Bahru and he also visited my hometown. We began to plan the next stages of our lives. He suggested that we could live together in the countries where he would go on business trips in the future, and I readily agreed.”


Though, sadly, not all that glitters is gold.

The man apparently later went on a business trip to Mexico where he allegedly got into an accident.

Scam 3

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“Later, he was assigned to Mexico. During this period, we still kept in touch frequently and often talked about us living together in the future. However, the good times did not last long. One day, I received a message from him saying that he was in a car accident and was in the ICU.”

“The situation seemed very urgent, and because he did not have foreign insurance, he could not pay the huge medical expenses. After hearing this, I completely panicked, cried desperately and prayed that he was okay. I decided to save him at all costs, so I sent more than RM20,000 to him to help pay for his medical expenses,” she said.

After sending him the money, he suddenly was uncontactable.


Not only was she blocked but she was also pregnant!

“I frantically called him hundreds of times, and finally found that I was completely blocked through all contact information and social media platforms. I began to doubt myself, whether I had done something wrong or he really had an accident. At this time, I found out that I was pregnant.”

“I didn’t dare to tell my family and friends, I just wanted to find him first and confirm whether he was safe. That was enough.”

She decided to use a friend’s Instagram account and discovered that the man was not involved in an accident. In fact, he was galivanting through the Middle East!

Scam 2

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“I borrowed my friend’s phone to call and question him. The moment he heard my voice, he hung up in a hurry and blocked my friend’s number. At that moment, I suddenly realised that I might have been scammed.”

“How can I get my money back? Should I contact his family in Johor Bahru or call the police directly? As for the child in my belly, I can’t bear to hurt it but I can’t raise it. The money is gone, the feelings are gone and there is a new life in my belly. Maybe I am stupid, I am naive, I really don’t have the courage to face the rest of my life,” she said.


We genuinely hope that the man’s family helps the woman by returning her money in behalf of him, and that she figures out what she’s going to do with the baby.


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Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF

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