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M’sian Man Shocked By Std 3 Student’s Schedule Which Is Even Busier Than an Adult’s



M'sian Shares Plight of a Std 3 Student Who Has a Busier Schedule Than an Adult - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Awwh, this is just sad! 

A fellow netizen shared a conversation he had with a nine-year-old and quite honestly, it’s quite sad to learn that the kid has a busier schedule than a regular adult. According to Lobak Merah, the netizen posted about his experience during a visit to his relatives’ place in Penang, when he sat down with one of the kids while enjoying some mangosteens.

In the midst of that, he enquired about the kid’s schooling life and he was very shocked by the kid’s answer. Surprisingly, the kid complained about being very exhausted and that he had to leave for school as early as 6.45am. Wow, I was full of energy at nine years old. 

The kid revealed that after school finishes, he would rest for an hour before going to a religious school in the evening which goes on until 5pm. The netizen explained in his Facebook post that the nine-year-old’s schedule seemed similar to his but the only difference is that he leaves his house at 8am and the kid leaves at 6.45am.

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However, the kid’s schedule doesn’t end there because he shared that the kid has to go for tuition from 8pm until 10pm but he manages to catch a quick break before leaving for his tuition classes.

This is because he reaches home at 6pm after attending a religious school but the netizen wondered how the kid has the energy to endure all of this on a daily basis because he would have been very worn out. Tbh, I would be exhausted too. 

Besides that, the netizen also pointed out that the kid would still have to finish his school’s homework after all those activities.

“You’ll have to wake up early in the morning for school tomorrow. How are you going to finish your school’s homework?”

“When do you relax?” he curiously asked the kid.

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Then, the kid pleaded with him to convince his mother to stop sending him to tuition at night because he was very tired. The kid has already tried talking to his mother but she would scold the kid and claim that he was poor at his studies which is why he needed to go for tuition. Awwh, poor thing. 

It’s not clear if the netizen has brought the kid’s complaint to the mother but at the time of writing this article, his post has garnered more than 1,900 shares and over 200 comments.

Naturally, after the post became viral, many netizens left their two cents on the matter. Many of them agreed that kids shouldn’t be robbed of their childhood just because the parents wanted them to get a head start. Several netizens noted that if kids are voicing out against their situation then there’s a problem that needs to be taken care of.

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Nevertheless, another netizen seemed to have a different opinion on the matter because he feels that this schedule will help discipline the kid. Do you agree with him? 

Source: Facebook

Well, it’s sad that a nine-year-old feels exhausted with his daily routine when he is supposed to be enjoying his childhood. What your take on this issue? Let us know in the comments below!


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