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M’sian Landlady Disgusted by Filthy Mess Left Behind After Tenant Moved Out



M'sian Landlady Shocked When Tenant Suddenly Moves Out and Leaves Horrible Mess Behind - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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Imagine renting out your home and seeing it suffer horrible damages like this!

Recently, a local landlady named Ziera was shocked when she found her home in such horrible conditions after her tenants abruptly moved out. She took to Facebook to share her dissatisfaction in hopes that the tenant would see her status and respond to her.

Her translated post reads,

“My tenant suddenly messaged me out of nowhere that they were moving out, left the keys in the house and blocked my phone number not long after that. I definitely did not have a good feeling about this, and I completely understood why as soon as I got to my house.”

“Usually, for my past tenants, my husband and I are more than capable of cleaning up the house a little bit after they move out. However, this time, I don’t think we’ll be able to clean it ourselves after looking at what these recent tenants did!”

Source: Facebook

“I feel sick looking at the condition of the toilet. Have these people ever washed the toilet even once? What’s even more unsettling is that these tenants are married and have children, too.”

“On top of that, we also found the kitchen sink bent out of shape. No idea how that happened. We even found tiles missing from the walls.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

“We’ve never checked the house while tenants stayed there because we wanted to respect their privacy, so we did not expect our house to turn out like this. ”

“Before we rented out our home, we took such good care of it. We painted the walls and made sure it was comfortable. We don’t mind if you leave the house a little dirty when you move out, but to break and damage so many things in the house is too much!”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

“My husband was already kind enough to never increase the rent, and even gave them one month to pay the deposit for their convenience. Now, after all this, the deposit money isn’t even enough to cover all the damages done to the house!”

Now, the problem is that their tenant has run away and can’t be found anywhere. According to her status, they have already found their Facebook and sent them a message, and if they don’t hear back from them by tomorrow, they warned to take stern action against them.

Currently, it looks like Ziera still hasn’t heard back from the tenant despite the post going viral with over 1,700 shares.

Whatever it is, we hope those tenants come forward and settle this issue with them! This definitely very inconsiderate and we hope the tenants compensate them for this!


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